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Robugtix T8 Spider – it will make your skin crawl!

If you are Arachnophobic, or under 6 years old.. you may not want to watch this..

Approximately two years ago I purchased a “pre-order” for one of these amazing remote controlled Robugtix spiders. Though I was supposed to receive it within 6 months of the pre-order date – development of this machine took 3 times longer than planned. The company was very quiet, but dropped updates and status on development on their website. Finally, after a very long wait.. the product was shipped to me, and my order was filled. WOW.. Worth the wait!! haha 🙂 This thing is down right creeeepy! It is the size of a dinner plate, and operated through a wi-fi system on your mobile device. The T8 sets up a small intranet to chat to the mobile device as you use a platform for joysticks and movement. The GUI could use some work, and is very basic – but functional – barely. Lol. But.. with some practice I think this little spider has some great potential. Scary potential! Who knew we are living ina world with robotic spiders that can carry out commands.. YiKES! Next they will be jumping, flying and landing on you.. haha.

Halloween will never be the same again!

Check out more info on this product by visiting the Robugtix Website

Backflipping a Demon 4WD Orion Powered Brushless World Rally Car Kyosho 1/9 DRX VE

A beautiful day for a BACK FLiP! My first few attempts were really just a way to feel how the car responded in the air. Full throttle all the way if you want to flip your car a full 360 degrees! This video is a short one, intended to tempt you into getting outdoors to let your imagination run crazy with the hobby of Radio Control. Technology has come such a long way in the last few years.. and almost anything is possible with this hobby. If you can dream it, chances are you can do it! Today I am jumping my rally car. I have modded it to fit larger tires (for a short course truck) and the rest is all stock. I wanted to do a short, exciting video that inspires you to GO OUTSiDE and get some fresh air.. haha 😉 I hope it works! (more…)

Search for GOLD – Prospecting with a 4200xl Hydraulic Excavator 1/12 scale

Sometimes I wonder why I invest so much money into full scale operations when small scale is also a lot of fun! HAH! No Gold today unfortunately, I should have been digging in a corner of the stream – but everything is quite flooded. Looks like I was actually pulling up tailings from another persons dig.. I will have to keep searching for that elusive black sand..

The RC machine I am using today is distributed by a company called RC4WD online.. Here is some info about the product: (more…)

4S Lipo Blackjack 29 BL Catamaran RC SPEED BOAT from ProBoat

Click to Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – What a great day to maiden my Blackjack 29 Speed Boat! The Sun was out (though cloudy) and the wind was super low. The water hasn’t grown any weeds in it yet.. so lets get this boat rippin’! I know so many of you have been waiting, so Im glad to get it out 🙂

A lot of people ask me about specs for the products I use, so i copy and paste info from the manufacturer. So, like all others.. here is info on the boat:

Key Features


World Rally Championship Subaru Impreza Car

What a great day to get out and rally my Kyosho Subaru Rally. This is my Demon version, but I switched bodies for all the Subaru Lovers out there! The Jumps and the open area really let me rip with this rig. I am using a 3s Lipo battery. I know a lot of people ask me specs about the models I use, so here is some information about this rally car – right from the Kyosho Website:


HUGE Backyard Rock Course – Tips & Tricks Challenge – Axial XR10 – PT3

Hello fellow RC ADDiCTS – NEW ViDEO!

Heads up, for the next 7 days,(back April 30th) as I am taking some time with my family. Lot’s going on at our place, and my full attention is needed. I will try and do a mid-week video, but as mentioned – I am spending time with the family! There are almost 850 episodes of RC ADVENTURES, I hope there are a few you may not have seen, and they can fill in for me while I am away from YouTube! I will be here on Facebook though smile emoticon
Thanks for watching todays video, and see ya on the rocks!!