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Tamiya Toyota Tundra High Lift 4X4


Amazing how I look back and see how the concept of RC Adventures was truly born.. Many people ask me about this Giant of an RC.. and how I was involved in doing such a build.
It is a unique story..

I remember drooling over these very expensive kits, well over half a decade ago. So original kit itself – without any upgrades – was fairly pricey (ie: 750 USD), and came with no radio, no electronics, and no battery. Just the parts to put together an AWESOME looking scale truck. Well.. as I knew if I took on a project like this.. that there is no way I could actually just leave it stock. This was to be my first ever – scale trail truck. I had caught the scale bug in a BIG way. So.. having a pretty good relationship with one of the local hobby stores, I approached the manager 7 the marketing director – and mentioned that I had an idea…

AXiAL XR10 – Rock Crawler Build Series

In late 2010, Axial Racing released their newest, and most innovative product. The XR-10. The model is constructed so that any hobbyist – new to the sport of crawling, or a senior – could get their hands on a competition ready crawler for a descent price. Fortunately for me I had the opportunity to get my hands on one, and while working with manufacturers to get the right gear into the Kit… put together a pretty neat, and fun rig. Overall I have been happy with the performance. I believe Axial, as well as some other companies are releasing different parts that include hardened, machined steel. Ill be sure to post up my results as I get them.

This thread will be dedicated to this build, and an overall Great Product.

Axial XR10 Video Number 1 – INTRODUCTION To the Build



This infamous “Ted’s Garage” is located in Calgary, Canada. No one knows when walking by this un-assuming small building in a back-alley way.. that it indeed – is a RC Rock Crawling MECCA, admired by hobby enthusiasts world wide. From only a few rocks, sticks and logs.. to now more than 3 tons of hard river rock (mostly sandstone), Teeter-totters, Wire Bridges, Ramps of Doom, and SO MUCH more has now evolved into place.

Back To Mexico for a Film Shoot

The RCSparks Crew is on it’s way back to Cancun Mexico around the end of February / March area.   We have decided to return to the tropical paradise as the scenery is simply breathe taking and spectacular for a fun new series. Last year, we took down a Losi Mini Rock Crawler and had a blast.  Completely stock, except for the Bug Body from Proline Racing.   Here is a picture of the Bug posing for the Camera in the Caribbean Eden…


Waterproof an RC Servo

OK, so one of the most asked questions I get about my RC’s – is “How do you Waterproof your electronics”….

This is a big deal for folks.. because RC’s “ain’t cheap”, and we love to get them muddy and/or wet!   Everyone likes to play in the muddy creek..LOL!    So .. a few years ago, I decided to show the world how I waterproofed my ‘electronics”.. including my Servo, ESC, and BRUSHED electric motors..

Bare with me here on the quality, and as mentioned.. its an older video series – BUT.. the principals are still the same. .. I hope these short tutorials will help answer your questions!   🙂   Enjoy!