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RiVER RESCUE Attempt – Chevy Beast 4×4 Radio Control Truck

The BEAST is unveiled as a Rescue truck.. but the first mission could have gone a little better.. Rough waters..

(1080p HD for the clearest water viewing), What a crazy scenario out in the woods again. Some 4×4 Ya-hoo got himself stuck in the creek completely killing his jeep in a waterfall. No Power, and the wheels are locked. The Beast Chevy moved in to take a hold of the situation – but truly, this was a crazy event. The fast moving water and the unstable rocks made this rescue attempt a very dangerous one. Don’t worry – all people were recovered from the fast moving waters – and no one was hurt. Thankfully!

We also recovered the the vehicles – though they were a little water-logged! haha

My Red Truck (Rescue Truck) is not completed. I am still awaiting the windshield, light kit, headlight covers and a few other things to arrive. It’s a work in progress!

RC ADVENTURES – Launching a Losi 5T 4×4 Radio Controlled Gas Powered Truck

I’m teaching my Losi 5T learn how to fly today – and I think it did a pretty good job! Now all I need to do is add some wings to it. But, one of the things I have to consider is that the vehicle itself is about 40 POUNDS! I have done many many videos about this great truck – here is the whole collection of my 5T videos: http://bit.ly/1sKlNXd

My videos include a look at the truck when it is in stock form.. which is still very impressive!

Get a Losi 5ive T: http://bit.ly/1p6fkuX


RC ADVENTURES – Entertaining Millions, Legend of the BEAST – Radio Controlled 4×4 Truck

Once in a while I like to look back on my video series to see what, and where the trucks have evolved from. Surprisingly, what I have found is more of a chronicle of my journey through the hobby of Radio Control then the actual trucks themselves. Oddly enough though.. this particular truck “the Beast”, has been with me through all the years.. only transforming to entertain millions upon millions of people. I am STiLL USiNG this truck after 6 years.. and it is one of my favourites. It has had so many looks, and has led us all on an Epic RC ADVENTURE!


Unboxing the Losi LST XXL2 1/8th Scale Gas Powered Monster Truck

YES! I finally have one at the Studio and I have to say – I have always imagined Radio Control Monster Trucks being Gas powered, and when I was younger – I was shocked to find out that all RC’s that had engines were running on Nitro. Well, the day has finally come that I own a Gasser! SO SUPER DUPER COOL! I don’t know too much about this truck as I haven’t run it yet – so I can’t really give any operating opinion yet – but I can say that this thing is impressive to look at! In this video I unbox this monster truck and let you peek at whats under the hood!

I know a lot of folks ask me to give information in the video description, so here it is:

Horizon Hobby Product Link: http://bit.ly/ZzMMOk


The BiG DiRTY 2014 – Large Scale RC Truck, Racing Event

WELCOME to the THE BiG DiRTY 2014! This is a 3 day event, that is sure to quench your insatiable need for Power and Speed! This is the first of several videos that will showcase 1/5th scale size Gas Powered Radio Control Trucks doing what they do best… RACE & BASH! There will be a mix of 2WD and 4WD vehicles that are all customized to each drivers design. (more…)

Great first Radio Control truck – ECX Torment 2wd RTR Short Course Truck

I was able to get outside and have an up close look at the 2WD ECX Torment 1/10th Scale Short Course Truck. I have to say, it handled very well for being so light! The 15t brushed motor gives it Some pep.. nothing too special – but in my opinion, a great starting point and entry level truck for the beginning hobbyist. There are many choices out there, and many people can feel overwhelmed by the vastness of our hobby. But, I can say that this is certainly a solid starting point. Nothing broke in the video, and the run time was close to 20 minutes on a 2s Lipo (5000mah)

I know viewers will want more information on this truck – soI can provide a few specs grabbed from the manufacturers website

Link: http://bit.ly/1tKAFXY