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RC ADVENTURES – Large Scale Radio Control Trucks on the Track

Testing the track with the new water system – I purchased a 156GPH Honda Water Pump… John and Kenny (in the video), did an awesome job of getting the rest of the piping in place and creating an easy watering system. How could I not encourage them to have a rip around the track?! This is the first for them this year – and I think they did pretty darn good!

The trucks they are running are 2WD, Gas powered (OBR engines), and are heavily modified. The original trucks were the brand “HPI” and I believe both models were Baja 5T’s.

Electromagnet hoisting Steel – Heavy-lift Tower Crane (Radio Control)

The Electromagnet is now active on my custom built Tower Crane. RCSparks Mechanic David Jr and his Dad came up with the electromagnet idea for the crane several months ago – and I have been waiting to get it out and try it! It’s all about the Heavy Lift Steel!!


Final days as a Virgin – Project Large 2.0 Custom Losi 5T 4×4 Truck

This truck is magnificent to look at.. and as the day draws near that I unleash this beast of a machine – I wanted to take a final video of it, in its pristine state. This is Project Large 2.0. A Losi 5T custom built for me by my good friend Everett. This project was a culmination of great manufacturers like “O’Neill Brothers Racing (OBR 9.7hp Widowmaker Engine), Bartolone Racing, Hemistorm RC, Thunder Designs, Phat Dad, Killer RC, Hostile Racing, CraftWerksRC, Pitdawg Hydro, Savox, and many more!


RC ADVENTURES – AquaCraft Revolt 30 Brushless FE Mono Boat

This thing is a BEAST! WOW.. what a little ripper on 4S Lipo.. my buddy Aaron piloted the thing wickedly, and apart for the accidental beaching.. made this thing soar like a water missile! So SUPER COOL!
Aaron says it’s mostly stock.. so here is what Aquacraft has to say about their boat


RC ADVENTURES – Modified 4×4 Tonka Dump Truck on the Trail

Click Here To Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – My Tonka dreams have been fulfilled! I remember having this truck when I was 5 years old.. imagining that it could move by itself! Well.. with some modifications.. I filmed my own RC Fantasy.. haha!

This truck has NO SUSPENSiON other than the Airfilled Over-sized tires.. So driving SUPER SLOW and with caution is a must. I have put in a 12 tooth pinion..and a 27turn motor. I am running 3s GENSAce Lipo batter.. 5000 mah


CEN “GST-E COLOSSUS” 4×4 Monster Trucks – Electric 1/8th Scale Bashing

** WARNiNG – EDM ALERT! HiGH ENERGY MUSiC – You Have Been Warned 😉 ** Everett and I hit the track with our New CEN GST-E Monster Trucks (1/8th scale). I was so impressed with my first CEN that we knew we had to rip a few of these rigs on a track. It is a cloudy day.. but that didn’t deter us from having some fun with these Colossus MT’s. They are a little squirrely on the track with these types of tires.. as it seems to just float. But the 4wd certainly helps pull you out of a skid. These sure are a lot different than the 1/5th scale trucks we drive on this track.. but WOW, as you can see from the video.. they are a lot of fun. We DIDNT BREAK A THiNG!! My tire came out of its bead.. but other than needing to tighten the wheel nuts.. everything came out rather unscathed..