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RC ADVENTURES – PM Hobbycraft – a Radio Control Wonderland

In the Spirit of supporting family-run hobby shops, I make this film in dedication PM Hobbycraft – a Very Awesome RC Wonderland!

Thank you to everyone involved at this store for helping make RC ADVENTURES as good as it can be 🙂 The RC ADDiCTS of the Online World Thank You!

“PM Hobbycraft” – Simply put – RC Heaven. I have been going to PM Hobbycraft for more than 15 years.. Yup, I said it..(haha). I remember the first time I walked in to this store.. I was about 17 – drooling over all the cool toys they had. If I only knew then what I knew now.. (more…)

Making a Full Scale 4×4 Truck look like an RC – Ford F-150, Cap-it, A.D.D, Rigid – PT1

The RCSparks Studio project “Making a Full Scale 4×4 Truck look like an Radio Control Truck”, Build Video series is underway! Everett and I went down to the Calgary South Cap-it truck accessory store to start the build! Unveiling some Addictive Desert Designs & Rigid Industries products is only half the fun. These guys are a great team! The Truck: 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 Twin Turbo Ecoboost Chase rack installed.. and hint to what is next!

Here is the First Build Video

Enjoy my friends!

JRP RC – How To Make A Rc Tonka Truck Dump

Once your bitten by the Construction Bug – you will be RC ADDiCTED. One of the reasons people stay away from the Construction Equipment is that it is SO Darn expensive – but there are ways to convert older Vintage Toys, or even Modern day toys into RC’s. One of the VERY CREATiVE and Gifted RC YouTuber is “JRP RC”. JRP RC has filmed ways for YOU to convert different toys into RC for Little to Mid cost. – I think you should check it out. Linear Actuators, And a bit of creativity can take a builder a long way. GREAT JOB JUDD! Certainly Worthy of the RCSparks Studio Facebook Network to see! MY FRiENDS – TRY THiS ViDEO – prepare to have your Mind BLOWN.

RC ADVENTURES – Brushless 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator & 8×8 Tipper – “The Cover Up”

The Snow is Deep.. and the RC Imagination is running wild! I have been waiting to do this video for almost 6 months.. and finally I was able to do it! Don’t worry! There was NO ACTUAL TOXiC WASTE! It is all a stage, and no environmental hazards were actually present at the time of this filming. We here at the RCSparks Studio take these types of situations very seriously when we are filming on location, and with such dangerous toxic chemicals. HAZMAT was standing by.


RC MEGA Collection 2014 & RCSparks Studio Walk-Through

My crazy collection of Exotic and Custom Radio Controlled hobby vehicles. Over 1000 of my viewers have requested that I do a studio walk through, and being a new season of RC ADVENTURES – I figured “Why Not?!”. In this video I talk about various RC Trucks & Land-based vehicles and also the great adventure my YouTube Experience has been.

I hope you enjoy this up close and “behind the scenes” look at the RCSparks Studio!

Enjoy 🙂


We have been preparing for this film for many, many months! Just to get all of these props together.. the proper forklifts, the flat deck trailer, the pylons – All AWESOME! Welcome to a new little experiment we call “Loading Wars”! Duelling Forklifts with speed and agility battle it out to see who can load their side of the trailer Faster! So far.. there were no rules – but we are working on some fun ideas!

Now is the time to mention.. we have limited experience with these forklifts.. but damn, they are a blast!

Here is some info on the Forklifts..