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RC Rotary Snowplow – Custom build – Test 2 (Day Time)

Through testing, I concur it definitely could use 2 Short Augers in the front, with Extended Barn Doors at 80 degrees. These Augers could be run on 35t Brushed motors and would be attached to the barn doors. Modelled after a Locomotive Style Rotary Snowplow – this design is intended to Clear massive amounts of Snow on Pathways, and Rail Ways. It does this by pushing Snow, while clearing it. It pushes snow into a Straight Line.. and then Gobbles it up as it goes along.. USUALLY mounted on the front of a Train Engine, this style of Snow Plough is incredibly Dangerous and can swallow a Man Alive!! (Well in Full Scale!)

Here are a few examples of what this Snowplow has been modelled after:


OPTiMUS OVERKiLL – Transformers 30 Year Anniversary Tribute – Bloodshot Airbrushing

Happy New Year Everyone! 2014 is now upon us – and to celebrate an AWESOME 2013 – and to Welcome in a New Year with an EPiC Unveiling, is the ONLY Way To GO! My friends, I have been working with Ryan from Bloodshot Airbrushing for MONTHS, preparing for the HD OVERKiLL / OPTiMUS OVERKiLL Transformation! It has taken over 6 Months of planning, purchasing, painting, etc.. and Finally.. we get to celebrate it WiTH YOU!

A Special THANK YOU goes out to my friend RYAN, for stepping up the game and coming into the studio to shoot this film! This is his first time on camera in the Studio – but he is NO STRANGER to RC ADVENTURES! Here is a Link to his Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/bloodshot.airbrushing His artwork is stunning, and he has several Photo Albums of work available for the public to see! Send him a friend request!

We have been working on this project with the intentions of meshing two MEGA MACHiNES into ONE. HD Overkill is known WORLD Wide and so is the EPiC OPTiMUS PRiME! What Better a Way to Celebrate the 30 Year Anniversary of the TRANSFORMERS! We all have great respect for the characters
show, the Movies, the Games, and MORE!

My friends.. THiS is our NEW YEARS Gift TO YOU!


Urban Assault – Vancouver style! YouTube Producer “4mods”

We got a small group together and head out on the streets of downtown Vancouver! Enjoy the trip. It was allot of fun but to be honest would rather be out at Ioco on my sundays or some other unknown trail out here in beautiful B.C. Enjoy the trip! Don’t forget to comment, rate and subscribe for more! Let me know how you like this kind of video!

Powerful 1/12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL RC Excavator (Hydraulic/Electric)

290psi Oil Pressure & 33 Pounds of down-force is an exceptional amount of power for digging! This Excavator can Lift, Dig, and Track around the areas I want it to! Could be a little faster.. but I guess that is what the brushless upgrade would be for. I haven’t switched over yet.. simply because I like taking the digger near water & creeks.

I have MANY videos of this rig working – just search “1/12 scale Earth Digger 4200xl” you will find them.


ALTERED BEAST 4X4 Custom RC Monster Truck – Update & Overview

With the first Running video completed, it’s time to take a look at my “Altered Beast” Truck. This truck has quite a history with the RCSparks Studio and has entertained Millions of people. The Beast has had many Looks, Many Bodies, Many Upgrades and has appeared in many memorable RC ADVENTURES such as the “Axle Twisters TTC 2010”.

In this video I cover a few of the bodies that has ridden on this Axial SCX10 Honcho Setup. Though my truck originally started as an Axial SCX10 – it is far from that model now. We have done many upgrades over the years – and dare I say.. not anything is original anymore. Everything has been replaced.. Simply from use, Breaking, Upgrading, parts wearing out, and more.. everything has changed many times.

Here is a Link to the running video – featured in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za_ExUVVhnI

I hope this overview gives some New RC Hobbyists, and the senior RC Hobbyists some great ideas for “thinking outside of the box”. There is always a new way to have fun in our hobby – and dare I say it – all you have to do is discover it!

Monster REAPER – RatRod RC – Traxxas Summit 4×4 Snaps Drive Shaft

The Traxxas Summit 4×4 is an incredible machine – and with the Dual Motor setup (from Kershaw Designs) I am definitely going to have to upgrade my hub locking mechanism! Those m5 Lock Nuts are simply not enough to hold everything together.

Too bad I snapped an axle, but no big deal – I will look for an upgradable one. LOT’S OF TORQUE in this Big REAPER. Enough to tear its own drive shafts and output drives to peices. I am glad I didn’t go the 900 route with the motors. the 700’s seem ample. ALSO.. I down geared my pinions to 14T (I may go even smaller – to an 11T). These big tires take a HUGE amount of power to move, and turn. The ESC is mildly hot still.. so hopefully the 11T pinions will do the trick.

The Tires are IMEX Jumbo Kongs. (Discontinued though) the Rims are from RC4WD and are also “discontinued”. I am glad I upgraded the plastic Traxxas Servos to the Savox Waterproof Metal Gear servos. I did add aluminum steering horns, to remove any flex from the steering.

I hope you enjoy the video my friends, and maybe some of you may even find it helpful!