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    RC TRAILING SNOW & ICE,.. SCALE AVALANCHE!!! - YouTube, May 23, 2018
  1. RandomAndrew

    Daily Random Vlog #547 - Challanging our little #tinytrucks on snow and ice covered Trails and a scale Avalanche.. plus Patreon Update! Follow me on Patreon,...
  2. INTRODUCING "GUEST"!!!!! - YouTube, May 23, 2018
  3. RandomAndrew

    Daily Random Vlog #540 - For Guest Drivers, Guest trail runners and just Guests in general. With this truck, we shall create even MORE #RCaddicts! Follow me ...
  4. The Last Person To Comment gets $20, Jan 30, 2018
  5. Mudslinger112345

    Dude I hate bothering you, but I’m such a noob I don’t even know where the trail and rig section is. #noob
  6. The Last Person To Comment gets $20, Jan 30, 2018
  7. Mudslinger112345

    Isn’t it also the contest. And how do I start a build thread. #noob
  8. TEKIN ROC 412HD ??, Dec 4, 2017
  9. Dark_Krawler378

    I am new to RC and am starting out with a Crawler and am going to eventually going to upgrade motors and on my MOA Crawler and was wondering if anyone else is running these motors and what they think of them if they are and about how much they run in price $ I saw them on the TEKIN site but couldn't find a price for them at all but from watching #djmedic and seeing all the TEKIN motors he uses and how well his trucks run that is where I started to look but any and all suggestions are welcome and advice is always needed so

    THANK YOU in advance
  10. Merv Got wet seemed to not enjoy, Nov 19, 2017
  11. Steele1187

    So stopped by the mini skate park for a quick morning bash /new shockupgrade teast after a night shift afterwords i ripped it across a "puddle " in the parking lot and splash!! completely underwater . It drove out but slow and then had no power after its bath . I pulled Batteries out and tested 3.95 ? #Friggingworldsdeepestpothole
  12. Best crawler tires?, Aug 28, 2017
  13. Spence123

    Here is an image of it :D

    Well I had the TSL xl proline tires, I cut the sidewall foam width which I think allowed the tires to get pinched since they are so thin, so that allowed it to accumulate holes... Also the soft sidewall allowed the wheel edges subject to damage... I sanded off all sharp areas as the outer part of the wheel punctured the old tires as well on one... The rock crushers are a little thicker... I am running a 3300kv brushless motor geared 20/87 stock, its a CYW 3650 and running it on 3s, it crawls really good even tho its sensorless using 00whynot's setup with the hobbyking esc "the secret weapon bl combo"
    I recently installed the goodies MIP driveshafts, vanquish incision links and hex wideners, along with vanquish knuckes
    I call it #project orange :D
    I mean I do mostly hardcore crawling, but I have some fun bombing around the beach a little with my ax10 deadbolt
  14. Medics Back problems, Aug 17, 2017
  15. Magnat007

    Dear Members

    As you are now aware Medic has had to dial back his RCSPARKS adventures Not stop... but sorta tone down the hyper activity.. .

    This Post is a simple post to show Medic that you support him no matter what happens to the RCSPARKS channel.

    This place was created by Medic to be a portal for fellow RC enthusiasts to share their adventures and to help each other out...
    Which has to be said has been a ripping success.

    So Just a simple Like on this post or a "Keep up the good work Comment" for Dj Medic would be most
    appreciated to Show that we are still gonna be here ... When he makes a return to the forums !!!

    I will Make sure Boss Man does see this Post @RCSparks #RCSPARKS
  16. A new Class 1 for Seamus CC-01 "Beetle Bailey" (img hvy), Aug 15, 2017
  17. Seamus_RBNW

    The all thread I had was too thick.... by about .5mm lol
    I used some 25mm axial posts #axa1422 to make the braces and the front body mount is from the integy scx 1.9 roll cage (discontinued) the rear is 4 bent rod ends from rc4wd. I will post up the pics.... just looking for the last bar for the top portion of the rear mount... I have to assemble the body portion to see how thick I need.

    I have named him Bailey, after Beetle Bailey the laziest private in the Army
  18. Post your Random thought, Jun 22, 2017
  19. sweet rc

    YESSSSS A man with from the south..... Some thought train going here...... My dad is from Bama (roll tide ;) ) and thus half my family is down in Bama, Georgia, Mississippi, and so on..... And having that side of the family rubbing of on me, I may be from the northish but I think like southerner... #GunsKnivesAndTheGreatOutDoors