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    MrRcFanatik's 54in Apache Boat Build Thread!!, Aug 6, 2013
  1. MrRcFanatik

    I've been waiting to see photos like these for SO LONG!! :)


    WHAT A WEEK!!! She ran great with ZERO probs allllll week!! It leans to the right a bit, but that will be easily trimmed out with the trim tabs... unfortunately I installed them with the wrong bolts, so I couldn't trim it out while I was away! #palmtoface .... But man, does she ever sound great!! I'd say the estimated top speed was a little more than 20mph.. so nothing breath taking, but that speed really suits the beast well! The only thing I would like to look into is watercooling the engine.. but that could be quite difficult seeing as it's a 4-stroke, and I've got valves and a head etc..
    The only reason why I'd like it watercooled, is because it gets pretty hot in there after about 3minutes, and she starts to vaporize the fuel, so it runs rough. Easily remedied by bringing her in and letting her cool down though!

    Anyways! Sorry for the delay in getting these up! I'm trying to get part 19 of the build made, as it will be part 20 when you see the videos of her running... again, sorry for the wait... life just gets too busy sometimes!
    Cheers my friends! :)

    :Edit: D'oh! Dumb photobucket messed up the first picture! I had already flipped it, but it looks like it flipped it back!
  2. The Last Person To Comment gets $20, Jun 10, 2013
  3. MrRcFanatik

    Off topic from the comments above... but why the heck have I waited all this time to get Chrome???? #palmtoface

    I'd say that with it and Adblock, my internet speeds have doubled! LOL!

    How you all doing though!?!?! Hope it was a great weekend of rcing!! :haveaniceday: