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    Losi MRC Digger Build, Feb 8, 2013
  1. jaloos

    Axle plates are made.
    Front one is made to support a full size servo rather than the mini servo.
    Rear supports holding the Gens Ace 2S 800mah LiPo.

    The diffs are the Losi Front/Rear Metal Diff Gear & Housing Set #LOSB0941 and from what I can tell are about the rarest thing on the planet at the moment. Had a really hard time trying to get these. No one had them in stock and out of the vendors that said they did they were all wrong. Was lucky to find a set.


    The lockers are the Hot Racing Alum. diff posi lock spool kit #MRC25X08. They remove all the plastic from the diff.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Hot Racing Black Steering Drag Link Set Alum. #MRC49L01


    And the GPM Alum. Upper Arms #RC055


    Will be showing up sometime next week.

    As they sit now waiting on the additional parts.



    Plans are to make some new plates with 4 link mounts sometime in the future.
  2. Losi MRC Digger Build, Feb 7, 2013
  3. jaloos

    A short list of the mods being done to the chasis and drive line.

    Hot Racing:

    Carbon fiber chassis plates #GMRC14 http://www.rcjpg.com/xu2dxk8axp6lhb6qbp0s/69418.jpg
    Alum. Wide wheel hex clamping style #MRC10W08 http://www.rcjpg.com/xu2dxk8axp6lhb6qbp0s/69919.jpg
    Alum. diff posi lock spool kit X 2 #MRC25X08 http://www.rcjpg.com/xu2dxk8axp6lhb6qbp0s/70104.jpg
    Hard Anodizing Alum. Center Gear set #MRC1000T http://www.rcjpg.com/xu2dxk8axp6lhb6qbp0s/69420.jpg
    Black Steering Drag Link Set Alum. #MRC49L01 http://www.rcjpg.com/xu2dxk8axp6lhb6qbp0s/72171.jpg


    Ball Bearing Set For Team Losi MRC #BS-MRC/V1 http://os.3racing.hk/picture.php?image=BS-MRCV1.jpg&max_width=280&max_height=210
    Aluminum Oil Damper Set For Losi MRC #MRC-01/BU http://os.3racing.hk/picture.php?image=MRC-01BU.jpg&max_width=280&max_height=210
    Drive Shaft Set For Losi MRC #MRC-02/BU http://os.3racing.hk/picture.php?image=MRC-02BU.jpg&max_width=280&max_height=210
    Alum. Bent Links 5x64-A30 For Losi MRC #MRC-07/BU http://os.3racing.hk/picture.php?image=MRC-07BU.jpg&max_width=280&max_height=210
    Motor Heat Sink Plate For Losi MRC #MRC-08/BU http://os.3racing.hk/picture.php?image=MRC-08BU.jpg&max_width=280&max_height=210
    Swing Shaft/CVD For Losi MRC #MRC-09 http://os.3racing.hk/picture.php?image=MRC-09.jpg&max_width=280&max_height=210

    GPM Alum. Upper Arms #RC055 http://gpmracing.com.hk/catalog/images/RC055.jpg
    Axial 1.9 Bead locks #AX8087 http://www.axialracing.com/assets/products/1449/medium/AX8087.jpg?1318341094
    Proline Chisel Mini Crawler Tires
    Losi 1.9 Mini Rock Claw Tire #LOSB1480 http://www.losi.com/ProdInfo/LOS/250/LOSB1480-250.jpg

    I am in the process of making a front servo plate for a full size servo. More than likely will be a cheapo Tower-Pro high torque for the time being.
    It will have a small 3 amp BEC to power the servo only. In the event the servo blows or shorts it will have the 5 dollar BEC to destry and nothing else.

    Future plans are for a Tekin FXR and a mod 380 can motor or perhaps a 1/18 brushless system.