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May 1, 2017 at 8:59 AM
Mar 30, 2011
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Vancouver B.C
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Super Moderator, from Vancouver B.C

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May 1, 2017
    1. Gas319
      hi my friend i'm back .. i hope to have time to made new videos. me and my friend have made a race way in my country and it took all of my free time, now i whant to change and return to have fun whit the camera.. !!
    2. Braxx Juventa
      Braxx Juventa
      Greetings moderator. Can you remove media ( a photo/picture ) for me? It is my photo and I want it removed please. :)
    3. Y2daT
      HI 4mods . I want to suggest a "my threads" option under the Forums button .
      You may not be the correct person to ask . But I have a feeling you know who to talk too . I think that this option will help prevent new Forum users from making multiple threads about the same topic . I believe that they cannot easily find their thread ,and so they start a new one ..
      1. 4mods
        I'll message Aaron and see what he suggests. Thanks for your input for sure. Cheers.
        Dec 23, 2015
    4. RCCrAzE
      What is your favorite crawler!
    5. kelownaCRAWL
      hey 4mods ...... i think we have met up before , maybe not but i am a fan of your crawling videos on you tube you've all gotten me back on the trails even more thx -kelownaCRAWL
    6. mypuppers
      hey terry ! neil here. i have a couple of questions for you. hope you can help me out. i want to convert my villian boat to brushless. i was wondering if i could run two motors in parallel off one esc ? or would i have to run two esc's in parallel off one receiver ? it's has two out drives with stock rs 540 brushed. im going to buy two brushless 540's 3000 kv that require a 60amp esc. any ideas? thanks bro!
    7. rcgrandpa
      Hey guys , I have a shockwave 55 with a 26 cc motor and I have another 55 hull. What is the biggest motor I can use without modification
    8. 00whynot
      Hello. I'm not sure if you are the one I need to contact but I'm having a weird problem with the site. I can't get onto the site anymore if I'm on my home network. It's working fine on my iPhone on 3G. But non of my computers can connect. My phone can't if I'm connected to my wifi either. It stopped on me late last night in the middle of a post. I was creating a thread about my latest video of my escalade build. When I submit the thread I got a 404 error. So I tried a few more times. Now I can't get on the site without the connection getting reset. I think I tripped some sort of spam not filter or something. Any chance you or someone else can help me out.
    9. mypuppers
      hey terry it's me pups. i am going to paint my jet boat . i was wondering what type of pant to use. i don't want to melt the plastic. also i want a paint that is durable. any help would be much appreciated . thanks bro!
    10. 8sidedcircle
      thanks 4mods, appreciated alot, thanks. :-)
    11. mypuppers
      awesome stuff brotha T ! glad to see ya in the sparks mods. looking forward to some good rc chatting. peace out!
    12. TheMoose

      I have a NQD Boat and have completely gutted it. I boght a Water Cooled Birdie 50A ESC, A Water Cooled 4800KV Brushless Inrunner Motor, a 9G servo, New 3 Channel Receiver 2.4Ghz. After reading a bunch of posts and threads on others mods I am worried that I may have gone a little over kill on the Motor. I have read that if I spin the Jet/Prop to fast it can break or the boat just cavitates. I was wondering what you think I should run as far as a battery with this setup if I indeed need to tone down the motor. I fly planes and have a bunch of different batteries. I have everything from a 1300-MAH-20C-11.1V up to 4000-MAH-4C-14.8V. I am thinking I need to run the 11.1V. I'm also worried about sealing everything. What did you use to glue/install parts. I have 2 different types of RTV high tempature water proof silicone/gasket sealer. I would appreciate any and all of your thoughts and input. All of my parts are in and I wanted to put it toghter this weekend.


    13. mraazer69
      Love ur YouTube channel graet work!
    14. Greenie
      Happy Birthday dude!!!!
    15. Jackn
      Take your shoes off
    16. ForkliftJeff
      Hey Terry, I've got a bit of the boating bug right now. I'm probably gonna get a Shockwave 26 Brushless, but that got me to thinking about the jetboats. Have you got any plans for a jetboat outing coming up any time soon? Keep me posted.
    17. ax10crawler
      hello sir, i know medic is busy and prolly gets a few thousand pm's/ youtube/ everything else questions so i thought i would ask you. and here we go...

      im gonna try hosting a G6 comp this spring ( i posted it on the forum allready) and im putting the word out to other forums/ lhshops that im looking for prizes. do you think that the rcsparks forum could make a donation? stickers or a shirt or somthing, any thing would be cool. and everyone from the sparks forum is invited to the event. anyways man, lemme know, and happy holidays.

    18. UncleFestor
      Merry Christmas and happy new year!
    19. ForkliftJeff
      Cool, I can't wait to check it out more. Finally getting some free time to think about my rc's. We bought a house back in june and have been doing renovations ever since with no time for rc's. Hopefully my hobby room will be done and unpacked by january. I bought a Wraith in october and haven't even ran it except for the few minutes driving it around the house when i brought it home.
    20. FullyStiff
      Just want to say thanks. I really enjoy your YouTube videos, they are what made me put some of my own videos up so when I see a comment come back from you on one of my vids I do feel a little proud.
      Thanks again
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    I'm heavily addicted to anything that I control with a Radio and some Lipo batteries.. lol.