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Oct 9, 2017 at 2:37 PM
May 8, 2011
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Mid-Michigan, USA
IT Tech

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Dr. Madness, from Mid-Michigan, USA

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Oct 9, 2017
    1. Drewlaw2131
      would you take 215 plus shipping for your emaxx
    2. Dao20
      Hay again Mr. Madness. :) I just finished going through your Monster Wraith thread and, what happened? I'm assuming you finished it right? Using 2 18V motors, what size battery did you go with? Did you finally resolve the steering issues?
      Could I ask, all said and done, about how much do you think this rig cost? I'm trying to gauge about what I'm looking at cost wise with my build. I'm just considering the idea, but would you consider selling your Monster Wraith? and if so, how much? I'm wondering if I might want to skip a whole lot of work and just use your rig as a starting point. Lol, hell I wanted power & I could only imagine how much two 18V drill motors would put out. Speaking of the duel motor design, how well did the tranny and rest of the drive train hold up to THAT much power?

    3. Dao20
      Hay Dr. Madness! I just found the thread for your Monster Wraith, let me tell you, I'm taking notes. lol. I'm going to be starting a Monster Wraith of my own soon, a 6x6 muscle bound crawler. Do you possibly still have the pics from your build and or picks of how it turned out?

      Dao20 - D.
      Here's my email address if you wana email any or all of what ever pics that you have.
    4. scootscx10
      hey the dual 55t work great but i did end up goin with a 78 spur and 22 on the pinon just for bit more wheel speed
    5. scootscx10
      not to bug ya agian but i am goin with the dual 55t and single ae-2 esc and a 2 cell 5800 mil amp 25c batt i was wondering if running another one of these batterys would cause any problems.
    6. scootscx10
      ok thanks man been a big help
    7. scootscx10
      was gonna run a set up kinda like ur with dual 55t and 20 tooth pinons and 87 spur gear on stock esc was wondering if a 25c 5800mil 2 cell lipo would be enough

      Should be more than enough to keep your rolling through and over most anything in your way for a LONG time to come. I originally setup my dual 55T's on a single ESC, had the motors wired in parallel for good speed and massive torque and no worries of overloading the ESC.
    8. scootscx10
      and was also wondering wat would happin if i ran dual 20 turns off the stock ae-2 esc
    9. scootscx10
      thanks and how slow was it with the dual set up
    10. scootscx10
      hey i been thinkin of dual 55t on my honcho and it will be pullin a 6 to 8 pound trailer plus a exo on it was wondering wat set up would have more power and torque dual 55 turns with a 87 spur and 22 pinon or a single 35 turn tekin hd set up.
    11. redwagon13
      Hey were in michigan are you im in lansing and part of a group on facebook called mid michigan crawlers we get together most weekends and crawl always looking for more people to hangout and crawl with
    12. undeadrcjeep
      nice rig brother and very clean video im liken it
    13. buggy-boy
      Hey I have the same RC, I am looking for some similar wheels like those where can I fin them at?????
    14. frodtruck
      im now. i herd you could win a truck
    15. frodtruck
      i'm now. are you.
    16. terence
      new to rc sparks how do you post pictures to your profile page like yours
    17. badmonkey269
      well i said i'd throw ya a pic of it done so here ya go man and i know i have said this alot but thanks again lol[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] i got the green off as best i could.don't look to bad lol
    18. RCEngineer
      ok thanks for the info
    19. RCEngineer
      Azrayel74 your pic (avatar or what ever its called) is of a wraith and it looks like summit tires. if its yours could u tell me how u got those tires on there? i have a wraith and want to put big joes or summit tires on it and saw yours so ya thanks
      ps great 6X6/duly build
    20. FlyRacing279
      Also, are Tamiya's good?
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    IT Tech
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