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Oct 5, 2019 at 5:54 PM
May 11, 2012
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Studio Forums Elite, from Minnesota

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Oct 5, 2019
    1. Bridwell03
      Hey thanks I would like to now if I should get a drift or a truck?
    2. dna4engr
      Hey @Bridwell03,
      Sorry, it's been a busy week and I wasn't able to get on here that much. You're more likely to get a hold of me if you use the Private message feature, rather than posting on my Visitor message board.

      As far as rigs go, anything from Axial is a sure fire bet. The SCX10 deadbolt is a great place to start in scale crawling and it's only $299. I do mostly comp crawling and scale crawling. Ultra 4 RC is really becoming popular so the Axial Yeti may be the next place to look for your rig.

      I believe medic goes by RCSPARKS on the forums. He is very busy so it takes a while for him to get back to messages and such.

    3. Bridwell03
      Hey I want to get started in rc and I want your advise so it would be great if you would please send me a message that would be great I try to get on this site almost every day so I will definitely be able to talk almost every day.:haveaniceday:
    4. Bridwell03
      Hey Its Tim again
    5. Bridwell03
      Hey Im Tim and I was wondering what djmedic2008s name is on this? And IM trying to get another car and was wondering if I should get drift or truck or electric or nitro?
    6. CasperTFG
      Ill be heading to banning tomorrow- hope to see you there!
    7. Dao20
      Hay Dna4engr, doguss55 had suggested that perhaps you could weigh in with some input on a rig that I'm thinking of building. Here is a link to the thread:


      There are links & everything in the thread. But if you want, in a nut shell:

      It's basically a 1/10th Wraith that I want to turn it into a 1/8th scale beast. But first I need to find out if my ideas are even doable. For instance: can I take a 1/10th scale steal outer cage for a Wraith and build it up by doing things like (if it'll all even fit) stuffing a Tekin T8, matching tranny & RX8 Gen 2 into it, doing all sorts of aluminum & titanium upgrades including vanquish axles and putting big super flexible 1/8th scale wheels on to it.

      What do you think? Does it sound even remotely doable or am I reaching for the stars?
    8. RCaddict1
      Hey I know you have given people good advice so I was wondering about a new build I want to do I want to build a rig strictly for mud I am debating on what to get to start with please help me any response will be appreciated
    9. Speedweigand
      Try now, I deleted some messages
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