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May 20, 2017 at 5:23 PM
Jan 11, 2013
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Sep 13, 1998 (Age: 21)
Rochelle, Illinois
RCs and ATVs

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Studio Forums Elite, 21, from Rochelle, Illinois

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May 20, 2017
    1. LST04
      Hey buddy. Bug away! lol. If you need help, I'll be here. :)
    2. Puma
      howdy! i'm a fellow LST fan and lo and behold, i'm planning out my LST2 conversion to brushless :awesome: was wondering if i could bug you with questions and tips along the way and all that jazz :3 first time doing an electric conversion lol

    3. LUSINHO2014
      hola soy nuevo en esto. nose como funciona.. socorro.
    4. dodgerocks
      Hey knew here can you help me figure out how to chat with my other rcfriends
    5. rcfriend
      ? new to forum. How would i post photos? Thanks, rcfriend
    6. Pedrojr
      follow my email pedrosilvanojr@gmail.com
    7. Pedrojr
      Specs Full Ball Bearings Planetary gearbox comes with20T pinion gear for a 40.5:1 gear ratio Requires ESC and 2ch Radio w / 1 servo Requires Paint and Assembly Do not use the TEU-101BK (Item # 45029) with CR-01 Crawlers. The 101BK will overheat easily with the rigors of crawling. We'd recommend the TEU-302BK (Item # 45028) for use with the CR-01. The price of this carrinhoa ??here in Brazil it costs R $ 2.600,00 this real value here in Brazil is very expensive, it is as if it cost $ 2,600.00, in the U.S.A there for you to see how expensive it is here in Brazil. I would like to know the price of this basket ai in U.S.A
      I am awaiting!!!!
      Since already thank you note
    8. Pedrojr
      As the Beadlock tires, planetary gears, and the universal shafts are all pre-assembled, it greatly Reduces the number of hours required for assembly Allowing you to enjoy the fun of rock crawling more quickly. This Product is Officially licensed by Jeep About the Model The Jeep Wrangler's body is accurately reproduced with an injection-molded plastic shell. Beadlock tires, planetary gears, and the universal shaft come conveniently pre-assembled CR-01 features a heavy duty ladder frame with strong lightweight pressed aluminum channels and cross channels. 4 link coil system Provides the flexibility needed to conquer difficult rocky terrain. Beadlock wheels mounted with massive rock crawling tires ready for any terrain. Motor included. A wide variety of Option Parts are separately available to customize your machine.
    9. Pedrojr
      Hi all, I'm from Brazil, and I want to enter the world of electric rc, I already had one on the raod combustion'm watching videos on you tube and am facinado by these strollers walking in water and mud. But I know nothing about electric cars, I would appreciate some advice on setting the cart, which is the best mark (spare parts, technical assistance). I saw carts brand Tamiya off road 4x4 and really liked these cars would have a fedback this brand, and this cofiguração cart Tamiya is proud to Introduce the newest member to the CR-01 rock crawling family, the Jeep Wrangler. This 1/10 R / C Jeep Wrangler is mounted on the impressive CR-01 chassis and the injection-molded plastic body shell precisely captures its famous form. It comes semi assembled making it perfect For those who would like to assemble Their machine, but who's not the time to have the build to complete.
    10. RCsauces
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    Sep 13, 1998 (Age: 21)
    Rochelle, Illinois
    RCs and ATVs
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    United States
    I'm an RC addict. I have a Losi super Truck, Losi Ten-SCTE, Losi mini 8ight, Losi 22 race buggy,Axial SCX10 Honcho RTR ,and a Losi mini SCT. I've been RCing for 9 years (2 years ago when I really got into the hobby) I got a Losi Super Truck on Christmas in 04, I was interested in it I just wasn't into it. But in the spring of 2011 I started driving it (it was awesome) . Later in the year me and my father went to a race track for the first time, it was pretty Awesome, so a little later we took the LST up to the track to race. but unfortunately it being a nitro, it didn't want to start. so one of the guys racing there had a Traxxas Slash with an brushed HPI motor ( this was the first time I've ever driven a electric RC ). So after that race we started looking for a electric Short Course truck, When we found one it was a Associated SC10 (that was a VERY FAST truck). then after the SC10 I got a Losi micro rally car ( Fun little thing, just a pain when the electronics go wrong). Then the Losi Mini SCT (Fun but sorta dinky). But then I got a serous RC it was a Losi Mini 8ight ( wicked AWESOME RC ). then I got the 4wd SCT the Losi TEN-SCTE (Epic truck). Then the Losi 22 ( REALLY hard to drive but still fun ). But the latest RC I got is a Axial SCX10 Honcho RTR, I've never driven a trail truck/rock climber ( ITS AWESOME!!!!!). But Im just having a blast with RC's and I want keep doing it as long as I live.


    Losisupertruck04-YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/losisupertruck04?feature=mhee Losisupertruck04-Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Losisupertruck04/587675907910464

    My RC's
    Losi TEN-SCTe
    Losi Mini 8ight
    ECX Revenge Type E AKA Project "EPIC"
    Losi LST-E
    Axial SCX10 Honcho