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Jan 19, 2011
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February 25
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Administrator, Male, from Canada


I have updated all requested accounts to Elite Status! Welcome to our new 40 Elite Members! Jul 16, 2017

    1. slashrcanth
      hey medic can u make an update vid on the beats havent seen him for a wile thx
    2. redwagon13
      Hello medic I know you get asked alot of questions and it probably gets frustrating but because I respect your opinion I have a question for you Im looking at getting another trail rig I currently own a scx10 and love it but was looking at getting another rig i was wondering what kit rig you would get axial wraith, rc4wd tf2, or tamiya highlift ( f350 or hilux) are the current rigs im looking at. If you have the time to ponder it over and give me a response with a reason you would choose that rig and I know you have had many of these rigs i would appreciate it. thanks big fan of the show and your forum

    3. rcraster22
      Can you do vids more often
    4. undeadrcjeep
      hey aaron i love this site and i know your doing so much to keep it up to date keep up the good work brother
    5. sirkingdra
      Hi Medic, I live in Red Deer Alberta, and was wondering if sometime if you and your local friends were going on a day long trail RC drive, if I may be able to drive up and join you? I don't know anyone in Red Deer who drives or is into RCs but I'd certainly like to go out with people nearby who do nonetheless.
    6. Cheeseburger
      Hey mate only started watching your vids about a week ago and I am totally hooked on rc I can't get enough, I'm going to start with a wr8 flux block rally car for my first, then I wanna do a build I'm thinking hilux high lift with the surf board! I was wondering for all us Aussies we love our mini truckin' it would be cool if you build a Toyota mini truck with airbag suspension that can drift with a scrape plate out the back to get the sparks when it's dropped! Any way love watching your vids! Take it easy mate!

      Cheers Scotty
    7. JDCrawler27
      hey medic i know its a little late but i wanted to wish you and your family a merry christmas, hope you and jem had a good one,,
    8. Gregor_P
      Hey Medic!
      Where did you get the chains for your summit

      I wish you a nice christmas and a happy new year.
    9. offroadFun
      dear medic i have a sugestion about your indoor micro trail in your basement ; have you ever thought of useing paper mache for small hills and rough trerain for your micro losi.
      thanks for your you're time : yours truly OFFROADFUN
    10. jimmyjackson
      Hey bro go to youtube and search: My sweet new ruckus!! And tell me what you think post some comments tell me wht u think and give me some ideas as to what all I could do to hop it up. Its a short clip and its also my first video I've uploaded I will be posting more videos of it running and stuff so please subscribe to my channel and keep watching its my first rc too so any hints tips or opinions will be appreciated! Thanks man!
    11. scx10gi
      Hey djmedic sorry i really didint introdce myself, in Dustin from hinton AB i know i am not an elite member but was wondering if i can still get the next ttc invite. Im not shure how you do all of that on the form but i have an scx10 rtr honcho bought it on last saturday and love crawling with my best friend RcCrawlerKing and Bloy 77 in ther bacements
    12. jimmyjackson
      What's up buddy! Me again I got some exciting news today I was the winner of the ruckus rc from urbanrcla on youtube! So finally I will be the proud new owner of an rc. I don't know much at all about this type of rc so any info you have about it would be greatly appreciated not even sure if its 2wd or 4 but either way I'm excited I would just like to know what brand name or what kind of car it is so I could check on upgrades or what all I could do to it. Thanks again man!
    13. boilo56
      Hi Medic, i'm boilo56. I need you advices on my projects. I am building two 1/16 e-revo with twin motor, one with two ''380 velineon brushless'', and the other will have two ''titan 550 12t brushed''. Yes, that idea came to me after deeing your ''OVERKILL'', that ride is so cool, and will be more with the new setup your doing on it! My questions are about gearing and Rx/esc. First,i would like to have your advice on what gearing to use on each? Is it possible to connect two esc to the reveiver, with a ''Y'' harnest?

      That' most of it, i'll start my built tomorow but i don't know yet where to post the final pictures. i'll keep everyone posted!

      thank you for being a great source of inspiration.


    14. FRASS
      hi guys,where do u buy your rc off road trucks
    15. jimmyjackson
      Hey again its me I know your busy and not trying to busy but I was just checking if you got that last reply to the pm you sent me cuz I'm not sure if I sent it right or deleted before you received it or not just checking! Also thanks for excepting me as a friend on here I notice you only have 507 friends so that makes me feel pretty damn special because there's a crap load of people on here you could have as friends and you couldve just ignored the request so thanks man you've really livened up my life god I know I seem pathetic and lonely I know, but anyway just thought I'd hit you up and bother u again real quick! Later bro! -JJ
    16. jimmyjackson
      Hey medic! Keep up the hard work you put into this hobby everyday you truly rock and have the best vids by far in this hobby. Me and my two sons love watching thos epic videos and we look forward to what you will come out with next! I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and advice you've given. Greeting from my end of the map the to yours! Stay warm up there and keep rock'n! If there's any more I can do to spread the word around my parts just let me know know, I've turned the hobbie around here from unheard of to heard of and everyone I know now knows of you and rc adventures we all love it! Keep up the good work my dude!
    17. Holcomb2010
      Hey medic! I want to help promote your RCSPARKS forum here in texas. I have told friends and even shared post on my facebook...but i want to help promote it more how can i do this?
    18. motoX
      @venomcrawler, try a local hobby store website...i know oz is a pain for shipping, got a buddy who lives there and its always spendy to ship stuff back and forth....

      @ medic, red. watery. eyes. high five.
    19. Venomcrawler
      Hey medic i just watched your video on turning a 1/8th to a 1/5th and i really want to build one like yours.
      Ive been looking all over the internet for the exceed maxstone 8 but I can't find one that isn't to expensive to ship to australia
      I had one quote from a website of a $107 and i turned that down straight away.
      I was wondering if you knew a website that sells them and ships to australia cheap[IMG]:haveaniceday:
    20. Rune989
      Hey medic and all other guys! I want to buy a Axial SCX10 RTR from RC4WD - Welcome. I have seen your youtube videos. how is the truck? a good beginner truck?:)
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