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Jan 19, 2011
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February 25
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Administrator, Male, from Canada


I have updated all requested accounts to Elite Status! Welcome to our new 40 Elite Members! Jul 16, 2017

    1. sweet rc
      sweet rc
      Medic, you should get an exceed rc 1/8 mad torque 8x8 rock crawler. It is sweet!
    2. CanadianCrawler
      take your time and heal. no sense reinjuring same thing by jumping the gun.
    3. Y2daT
    4. mudslinger25
      i wish i had enough money to buy a scx10 or the Vaterra 1/10 1986 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer Ascender 4WD Kit
    5. CalebTheRCguy
      Yo was good medic
    6. sweet rc
      sweet rc
      Hey I am building a 6x6 in honor of my favorite rc truck, Juggernaut 6x6. Do you have any specific brands that you think would be good to use?
    7. MaddHatter
      How's it going everyone. Just wrapping up a build. Let me know what you think. Orange wraith in my media.
    8. mudslinger25
      I have problem with my lunchbox and the it likes to drain the battery and the battery is a 5000mah 7.2v do not know what kind of battery it is and what would be the best type for it.
    9. quentincooley
      Hey medic I have a question for you. If you can shoot me a message on here or comment when ever you have a chance man that'd be awesome
    10. Justin stamper
      Justin stamper
      New to RC sparks adventures seen you on YouTube thought you were pretty awesome love the stuff that you build and create
    11. John G.
      John G.
      This message was meant to be on the bottom but no matter, thank you for producing vids for us and please message me about sone advice for upgrades for my Blizzard fr PS its bone stock THANK YOU!
    12. John G.
      John G.
      hi medic i just joined, i have been watching your videos since i was 10 when i just knew how to pull the trigger and steer the wheel, my dad payed his good friend who is big into 10th scale racing to build me a rc10 sc10 short course truck. And when i broke it we would go over to his house and he tought me how to fix it. Any way your videos inspired me to save and work for a impulse 31.
    13. John G.
      John G.
      Then i saw your kyosho blizzard and knew i had to have one since i live in Wisconsin it is a FR model. at the time of this posting i have had it for a week and i love it PS. IN YOUR KILLER CRAWLER 2 RUNNING VIDEO I SAW THE BOX ON A TABLE DO A VIDEO ON IT AND THEN GIVE SOME ADVICE ABOUT IT PLEASE.
    14. SINISTER1172
      Hi medic I have been looking for a 1/10 crawler under $350.I was wondering if you had any suggestions.If I were to get one Id like an rtr. Ive been looking at the axial scx10 deadbolt rtr for $299.My Traxxas Slash isnt the best crawler but its a great race truck.So If you have any suggestions on 1/10 crawlers please inform me.I really want to get into RC crawling.
      1. Drayven Gates
        Drayven Gates
        go to nitrorcx.com
        Dec 13, 2015
    15. crashbanguhoh
      Well, when are you going to receive the Vecta5 to try? I'm waiting for the "add to cart" button to show up hahaha!!!! Talked to steve at DDM, he said it's "awesome". Need you and TeK to try and break it though :)
      One day I'll get the invite out to the track with Chadwick and Paul! I think you guys are afraid of my DB lol
    16. Scott Hubmer
      Scott Hubmer
      Hey Medic I was wondering if you could add more 5 scale vids. Also it would be nice if you could show us how you modify your 5 scale cars, meaning when you need to ad-lib a part or idea to the vehicle. Drill new holes and move things around to make thing fit. You have a very keen eye and are very smart to come up with the things you do to accomplish the task. Helps us out please.
      1. RCSparks likes this.
      2. RCSparks
        Hello Scott, thank you for the note. At this time, 5th scale season has now completed. I appreciate the enthusiasm.! Things where I live are starting to lock down into the cold. There will be 5th scale fun again My life has changed being a Dad of a 2 year old. Getting quiet time in the house is very rare. when I DO get some quiet time.. I like to spend it wih momma medic ;)
        Nov 3, 2015
        Justin stamper and fish6634 like this.
    17. shadow 21
      shadow 21
      i have been watching alot of the rc adventure vids on youtube love the trail vids and the build vids so far my fav is the jugganaut but i could only find the vid that you did that you showed what all you had in it do you have the build on video if so can you tell me how to find them i am very new to youtube .
    18. shadow 21
      shadow 21
      ok i am not super new to the rc scene i have owned a traxxas four tec both electric and nitro but i just recently bought a traxxas slash 2wd i have upgraded the motor and esc as well as a few other parts but I am wanting to get into crawling and more off road can anyone recommend a good relatively low cost truck to get started with.
      1. quentincooley
        What's low cost for you?
        Jan 14, 2016
    19. Ragnar
      Hello, wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. Have a great day
    20. Ragnar
      Hello just wanted to say hi, Havn't said much lately, but been rcn everyday. A lot of rcn w my boys. Have a great day.
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    King of the Castle at this fine facility. I truly enjoy the RC Hobby and wanted to help others discover a great pass time that brings Families, Friends and Strangers together.


    I put my mobile phone into "airplane mode" and threw it. Worst. Transformer. ...Ever.

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