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Dec 26, 2014 at 3:50 PM
Dec 11, 2011
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Qld australia
aoutomotive structual engineer

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Studio Forums Elite, from Qld australia

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Dec 26, 2014
    1. lefi
      hellooo i am new and i want to ask a guestion about how much time can i play with electric rc car????
    2. Greenie
      Congrats on the little one man!!! Thats awesome man
    3. Crawler
      I just got a r1! I need a education on them lol it's a lot different than a scx10
    4. Webbtec
      Hay bro i just took a look at that totally sik truck your makin,what is the rear deck from,is it plastic ? cos i could make ya a Alloy diamond plate one if you want , can make you some wheel arches too bro ,you got the roll cage department , but the offer is there if you want alloy , just let me know how big man , and i'll get on it,
    5. Dillard87
      hang in there mate we're pullin for u to get thou this.
      I know u can we will have bad days but for the bad days we get much better one too
    6. Webbtec
      Hay bud i made it , what a web site this is , amazing vids cool people,can't ask for more than that hay.
    7. Dillard87
      hang in there man :) what don't kill us makes us stronger and I know how a small town can get u down but u have to be strong for ur lil one u will make it thou this if I can and right now I feel like its just ment to be this way I know that ain't what u wanna here cuz I didn't but things happen for some messed up reason I don't know why but the more I think about my sitiuation the more I think maby its better this way :( I loved alyssa with all my heart an for some reason she went off the wall an don't want to even be around me talk to me nothin she has even already moved this ugly lil punk in with her who is sellin drugs an shit so she ain't worth it to me and as bad as it hurts to say that its the truth an I don't kbow ur hole situaiton but feel free to talk about it man it helps me to talk to guys I know won't turn on me an use every damn word I say agents me and ur in the right place its like a free counsoler lol and rcsparks has really kept me alive an out of jail
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    Qld australia
    aoutomotive structual engineer
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    denny sorbello
    hi my friends call me scoobyblue, i fell for rc a lil while ago and not looked back since,im an automotive sructual engineer. I now work for my self, building roll cages and verious other thing. I like steel. With a hot axe a grinder and some good old fashion hard work you can make anything. Im a rock crawler fan and scaler avery bit of the way, my goal in life is to find my reason for being yes you may laugh but. I now am all I have. So im involved with this wonderfull forums and community hopeing to bring rock fighters to the rc world. Take a rock crawler x rock racer equals 1 rockfighter. Oh and did I tell ya. I have a passion for re inventing the wheel.