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Dec 10, 2011
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Dec 15, 2013
    1. Ericbostick
      Well the xl5 has no drag brake but would work it would be fast with that 12t motor. The ezrun could work well if its sensored just turn on the drag brake for it. The 8.5 motor would be vary fast tho so you would need steel transmission gears. Also metal drive shafts and you should put the battery up front instead of the rear like it says when building the dingo. The servo may strip gears so you would want to get a high tourk metal gear servo.
    2. scout2
      dingo Q&A....... my dingi KIT is on its way but i got questions. so im gonna run a traxxas 2065servo/xl5 esc/stock traxxas raido/titan 12t motor or i got a EZ run 8.5t and traxxas 7call batterys. i have all this on hand thats why im going this route for now.will all this work? im looking for any ideas or pointers as scale RCing is very new to me. thanx for any ideas/thoughts etc
    3. scout2
      yet another dingo question.1st of all my dingo KIT is on order. the set up i got in mind is as fallows. traxxas 12t titan 550motor/xl5 esc/2065 servo stock traxxas radio and a 7cell traxxas battery.( i have all this on hand so thats why im going this route) or i also have a EZrun 8.5t 4000kv motor also.looking for pros/cons or any other advice. should this all work??? any answer/ideas would be great as im new to this (scale RCing) thanx for your time and thoughts.
    4. scout2
      im looking @ getting a new dingo KIT. does anybody know if my traxxas servo/esc/radio/etc will work for this KIT? also does the KIT come with spur gear and the gear for the motor? oh and my traxxas 12t motor also?
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