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Oct 22, 2019 at 6:39 PM
Nov 6, 2011
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Oct 22, 2019
    1. Madmardigan
      Idler gear RRP1541 - Hardened Steel Idler Gear AX10 @ Great Hobbies
      diff lock gear RRP1542 - Outdrive Diff Lock Gear AX10 @ Great Hobbies
      links TowerHobbies.com | AXA1408 Axial Color Pack Red AX10
      Mip driveshafts TowerHobbies.com | Search Results
      The bumpers im using I think have been discontinued, but this one is pretty cool TowerHobbies.com | AX80044 Axial Tube Bumper Parts SCX10
      led kit LED SYSTEM - PM Hobbycraft

      Sorry I couldnt find it all from one place, but atleast you have the part numbers
    2. Madmardigan
      I can totally do that for you man. Unfourtanatlly at the moment I'm at work and all I have is my phone, and using the Internet is a pain in the ass on it. But as soon as I get home tonight I will find all the parts for you and send you some links
    3. Whec716
      Hey bud,

      Here is the question I sent you:

      Do you happen to have the part numbers for these (or links to where to buy it?) I want to make sure i'm looking at the same thing.

      mip shafts fromt and rear 55$
      3 racing led kit 47$
      RR tran gears 13$ idler gear & 26$ outdrive diff lock gear
      bumpers front and rear 30
      axial high clearance link set red 40$
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