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Boing's "Beat'em up Truck"

Discussion in 'Scale Build Projects' started by Boing, Dec 25, 2018.

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    Jun 24, 2014
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    Hey everyone,

    Thought I'd share the SCX10 I call my "Beat'em up Truck". Now I have several SCX10's (Five including my girlfriends). Most of which are highly modified or purpose built. However, it's nice to have something to go beat the snot out of every once in a while. Something with some minor/basic upgrades to make it a little more "bash-worthy". So this is mine...
    As you can see, just the basics. All aluminum links (suspension&steering), upgraded/stronger servo, moved the battery up to the front end, wheels and tires, shocks and body. Its fun to have something that you really aren't worried about and didn't cost a lot of time or money. The other fun thing about a "beat'em up truck" is that you can switch it around anytime you feel like. In fact, doing nothing but changing the Body, Shocks, Wheels and Tires... It's a whole new truck with completely different handling characteristics. For example... Just changing those 4 things (I also switch the bumper for looks) makes this...
    With a few cheap mods and the time it takes to charge a battery, you could have...
    "Two, Two, Two RC's in one!!!"
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