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Calgary Model Sailing

Discussion in 'World RC Forums' started by IOMsailor, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Jan 3, 2013
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    Thanks for your interest in the Calgary Model Sailing Association. Our club has been recently formed by a group of model sailing enthusiasts in Calgary. We sail and race a number of different types of radio controlled boats. We have been meeting once a week to sail and race our boats, and to talk RC sailing.

    Boats That We Sail:

    International One Meter (IOM)
    This is the most popular radio controlled racing sailboat in the world, and the most popular at this event. As of publication of this document, we had 10 IOMs registered. The IOM is a ‘box’ rule, meaning that most design and build parameters are restricted. However, hull shape is open, and you can probably see some different shapes sailing today. The rules are designed such that a home-builder to build a competitive boat out of material available at local hobby and hardware stores. You can tell an IOM by the distinct ‘circle-I’ logo on the sail.

    The Vela is available ready-to-sail from hobby stores such as PM Hobby Craft. Although not quite as fast as an IOM, it represents an inexpensive way to get started in RC sailing.

    The Marblehead and/or the 10R is the biggest boat(s). The size of these boats, and the open development rules mean that an internationally competitive boat is fairly expensive, and has a short competitive life.

    One Design One Meter (ODOM)
    Similar in size and shape to an IOM, the ODOM is a strict one-design class. This means that you buy the kit from the manufacturer and to race level you must assemble it exactly as specified. The ODOM has a ‘OD’ logo on the sail.

    The venerable Victoria is one of the smaller RC boats, but there are large racing fleets around the world.

    For further information, you can LIKE our Facebook page: Or by email:
    www.facebook.com/CalgaryModelSailingAssociation sailorbaak@yahoo.com

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