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Diving Mountains And Canyons | Ends Badly Again!

Discussion in 'FPV Films & Recordings' started by RcCrawlerKing, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Jun 9, 2011
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    Some old footage I had laying around from 2013. Remember what happen last time I dived a mountain?! I managed to pull it off again. Last time I crashed due to a failsafe after flying behind an object but this time I got too close to the cliff edge, clipped it, and the battery ejected due to some rather weak battery straps. Once the battery had ejected it rendered my drone uncontrollable and it crashed into the rocks down below. After a rather abrupt landing it then proceeded to roll into the river down below. While all this was happening to the drone the GoPro had its own drama unfolding. Being a HERO 3 it is not waterproof. Last time the GoPro stayed attached to the drone and took the majority of the impact, destroying the GoPro but saving the drone. This time it was the other way around and my Vortex 250 Pro landed directly on a pointed rock which smashed the PDB and ejected the GoPro onto dry ground. In this case the week battery strap saved my GoPro from drowning. In summary from the crash I had to replace the following parts on my drone: PDB, 1 motor, 1 ESC, 8 FC screws, 2 plastic side plates. Everything else survived the crash. Still using the same flight controller that came with the Vortex 250 Pro since I bought it new. Pretty much every other part has been replaced. I had the drone rebuilt by the next weekend and am happy to say its flying better then ever! Also installed some stronger battery straps as this crash could have easily been recovered from if the battery had not ejected. I had another drone with me so we continued to hike up to the base of it. In total the hike was 18km! I even drove my SCX-10 all the way up with us. Mack also had a crash while flying though the canyon. I was quick on my feet though and pulled his drone from the river it had landed in fairly quick. His drone was fine but his SJ cam needed some time to dry. I recorded DVR of his flight for him since he was without a camera. I didn't fly to the very peak of the mountain as I just simple did not want to loose another quad in the same day. I was at 50% signal strength once I had reached the point I started my decent. I found the most challenging part to be gaining altitude once I got so high up and the air became thin. There is some separate footage of a trip I made to Oger Canyon in here as well! It was by far the coolest place I have ever flown.

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