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FeathermerchantRC Power Supplies

Discussion in 'RC Chat, Tutorials, Ideas, Requests, Etc' started by 10 Gauge, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. 10 Gauge

    10 Gauge <b>X-TreMe BaShEr! </b>

    Mar 3, 2011
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    Just thought I would share a great experience with you all!

    As you know I recently went brushless. I bought a very high end 30a capable Hyperion charger to quick charge my 6S batteries. To get the super high amperage however you have to have a 24+vdc input.

    There's a guy that goes by FeathermerchantRC and he reclaims old server power supplies and converts them for use as standard desktop power supplies.

    He can even wire up a pair in series to make a 24v supply which is exactly what I was looking for so I just ordered my set of 47a supplies!

    My buddy just bought a single 12v supply and it came in today, super fast shipping. These things work perfect and they are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP compared to buying a true desktop power supply for your battery charger.

    Check out his page for details if you are interested: feathermerchantrc.com

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