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Help with choosing

Discussion in 'Race - Newbe Q' started by Legoman819, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Legoman819

    Legoman819 New Member

    Jan 16, 2014
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    I'm looking to get a new rc.
    Preferably a 2wd stadium truck or buggy, Or 4wd buggy.
    I'm look for a cheap but durable rc that goes fast.

    Please help.
    Thanks in advance
  2. RustyWrench

    RustyWrench ...I Always Edit...

    Jan 30, 2013
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    Well we did good for our first ever race season. We have 2 Team Associated SC10's one race spec and the other built to better than race spec (2wd) and a Losi XXX SCB 2wd (converted to brushless)

    Now Losi is re introducing the SCB with a Brushless set up right out of the box. I really like the way the Losi Buggy flies, and lands. The only problem we had is when the front suspension over compresses the ball socket on the tie rod pops off. I found an easy fix while keeping all the suspension travel.

    The Team Associated SC10's are built to win races. What I have found is they are not quite a rugged as say a Traxxas. But they are faster (when stock no mods) There was one race day where all of our race vehicles went over the back fence at the track. Here is what happened to the SC10's

    My Daughters Truck...


    My Truck...


    Possible weak spot but easy fixes and all things considered more than durable enough.

    It was our first ever race season and here is how we did...

    At the Coquitlam Classic First Place Novice/Bag of Chips with the Losi SCB (was still running brushed at the time)


    Also at the Coquitlam Classic Second Place Novice/Fast Lap with Associated SC10 (The Purple one pictured above)


    Year end Grand Champion and a First Place (Losi SCB)


    Fourth Place over all (with Associated SC10)


    My Daughters Truck and my sons Buggy... I won a Third Place with AE SC10 (not pictured)


    So if your looking for fast and durable I would look at the Traxxas, if your looking to win races then the SC10 is a good option, but what I'm truly loving are the buggies not the regular racing type buggies I'm loving the Losi XXX SCB and the AE SC10B Race Spec... This is just my opinion, there are lots of other options out there...

    And as far as cheap, well racing isn't cheap but RC racing is about as budget conscious as racing can get, except for maybe AFX or slot car racing...

    I apologise if this appears as bragging, I'm just a real proud Father. And these vehicles have proven themselves to me...

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