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I Lost My Drone In A Lake!

Discussion in 'FPV Films & Recordings' started by RcCrawlerKing, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. RcCrawlerKing

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    Jun 9, 2011
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    I will be going back to get this drone using an underwater drone so make sure to subscribe for that video! Will it fly again? Stay tuned to find out! Recently me and my Dad went on a trip down south to fly some amazing spots! It was well worth the drive as the spots I got to fly were breathtaking. A massive bridge being one of my favorite was situated over a huge river valley. I actually did my first real life "mattyflip" at this bridge. The two drones I fly in this video are my good old trusty Vortex 250 Pro and my custom built ImpulseRC Alien 5" with a Runcam Split 2. I absolutely love how the custom build flies but the reliability of the Vortex is very welcoming. As I found out after reviewing the DVR footage from my googles I ended up discovering that it was not due to pilot error that I crashed. The crash was actually caused by my video feed failing. The suspect component being the ImmersionRC Tramp VTX. I suspect this component because I had static in the video feed and the drone still had power and RC link when it crashed. I know this from the shot I had setup pointing at the water, the drone actually powers up when it hits the water. I would imagine if I had reacted differently to the situation that I most likely could have recovered but I didn't understand that my video just failed. I actually thought I just flew too low and hit the water. In a situation like this where I was standing at the shore of the lake it would have been best to put the drone in angle mode and throttle up. The main idea of flying over the water was to get a cool shot of the drone coming towards the camera while it was flying over the water. Instead I just did a magic trick and made it disappear into its watery grave. I tried to go out and find it with a blow up raft and a rake from a Home Depot that was close by but when I got out there I couldn't touch the bottom. I ended up finding out that the lake is actually only 15ft deep which would make for a easy recovery with my underwater drone. Looking at the bright side I made treasure for latter and I'm the only one with the map! I was sure glad I had a backup drone as there were still other great spots to fly. The biggest loss to me was the SD card that was in the Run Cam Split 2 of the drone that crashed in the lake. It had some good footage on it. I ended up having enough spare parts to build a whole other Impulse Alien 5" with a Runcam Split 2 again so that was a bonus! The biggest life lesson this taught me was that we learn more from losing then we do winning, we learn how to keep going!

  2. Polaris425

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    Jun 24, 2016
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