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I'm leaving the hobby and the site...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by BlackPhoenix, May 7, 2015.

  1. BlackPhoenix

    BlackPhoenix Studio Forums Elite

    Aug 23, 2011
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    G'day all, you probably haven't seen me around here much lately, and there is a reason why. I have lost my love for this hobby. Now this hasn't just been a recent thing, the last time I drove one of my RCs was probably August last year. I had a great run while it lasted and the 4 years I spent in this hobby and community was amazing.

    I definitely learnt a lot about this hobby and I loved every second of it. It's just that late last year it started to get stale for me, and my interests moved onto other things. And now that I am driving and have my own car to look after, spare funds will become less and less available. Less than they already were. I am also in my final year of high school which is a big thing and time consumer by itself. I'm going to miss you all and just wish that we could of gone out on that trail run @Magnat007 hahaha.

    Also a big thanks to @RCSparks for creating this awesome site and this amazing community. Your videos back in 2011 were what got me into this amazing hobby and it was definitely as fun as your videos made it look. You all helped me out so much if I had any issues with my RCs or even life. Maybe one day I will pop back in to say hello and see what's new in the RC world. But for now it's time I moved on. Thanks again everyone.

    BlackPhoenix out!
  2. Magnat007

    Magnat007 Proud SCX10 Owner

    Oct 4, 2011
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    You will come back... and when you do... that trail run is waiting for you..
    There are now more RCSPARKERS in the Sydney area... I was just going to ask you if you wouldnt mind catching up soon for a trail run but Highschool exams must come first..

    You dont need to leave the site... just take a back seat for a while...

    The hobby never truely leaves your system.. It just takes a back seat until things get better..
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  3. Y2daT

    Y2daT Over Powered RC

    Dec 25, 2013
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    yea man have a blast ... college years are where it is at . and like Magnet said just put them away and when the itch comes back ....drop in and say hi ... most all of us go through this where we loose interest or are to busy with the rest of life .... then months or years later , catch the rc bug again ...
    if you decide to sell your rc's for car money ...ect keep your favorite one ....
    when the rc bug comes back you will be glad you did .
    alot of us are old and not teens and kids ...
    If you do not even know what to Major in if you can attend a university ...do it
    it will be the best years of your life .
    so have fun while you are gone . i have a feeling we will hear from you again .

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