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My esc/motor combo can do anything better then your esc/motor combo can do. Esc

Discussion in 'ESC's, Wiring & Batteries' started by lawrencesanderson02, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. lawrencesanderson02

    lawrencesanderson02 Studio Forums Elite

    Jun 20, 2018
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    My esc/motor combo can do any thing better then your esc/motor combo ' if your esc/motor combo can do it. Mine can do it better. No it cant yes it can no it cant yes it can

    and heres why it was free but costs 60$ new and. It runs 4s. It has a fan i beat and abuse it daily. Its went thermal it has been under 2 foot of water its been in 5 different. Rc i chopped off the on/ off switch 2 rc ago my hobby wing sc8 120 and gool rc 3660 2600 kv is better then your esc. Unless you can prove to me yours is better ...

    I want to here your esc and motor combos debate arrugments. Just for fun

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