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AXIAL My first RC (scx10) build ever.

Discussion in 'Scale Build Projects' started by kaneetz, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. kaneetz

    kaneetz New Member

    Aug 21, 2019
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    Hello everybody.

    Ive never owned a proper RC car in my life. After been fiddeling with Arduino for a while, i thought that i might do an Actual RC car (build my own remote etc). So, as i started looking into that, quite quickly i found out that 1/10th scale cars are the way to go and i totally fell in love with the "full metal jacket" idea in my mind. As it turns out, the SCX10 platform is mostly being used for Crawlers buuuuuuut im not into that too much, but i really like the frame build and the modding options.
    At the moment its unlikely that i will attach a actual car body onto that, for some reason i'd like to keep it open for now.
    So, as this car will not being used what originally was it intented to do,.. i want it to go faster before anything else.
    What are the things i should keep in mind, while choosing the things to buy?
    (im looking at you gearbox, supports, motor and 4S lipo..).

    All of the things i have chosen, are metal and the overall weight is building up.
    Think of that car as like a 4.2 l v8 tdi Touareg.

    I think i have gathered the basic components to build the frame on a list.. its a lot of things (as it turns out) so, im not sure are the components from China the best way to go, but its what im working with right now. Most of the US suppliers do not ship to Estonia anyway.
    I'd be happy to post the list here but im not sure, that is that allowed?
    All ideas, suggestions and tips are very welcome!

  2. walter

    walter Studio Forums Elite

    Jan 8, 2013
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    welcome to the fourms

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