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my lamborghini gallardo build

Discussion in 'ON Road Build Projects' started by berjel1997, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. berjel1997

    berjel1997 New Member

    Jan 14, 2013
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    Hi, my name is Daniël and im 16 years old.
    wich means i do not have an insanly high budged like medic,
    but i cant watch his vids and do nothing on rc.
    I do have an rc from lego but its radio range is too short.

    Ok, i bought a lamborghini gallardo (1/14 scale) for 20 euro's but its slow and the radio range is not very good, so its time for an upgrade


    This is the drivetrain


    I dont want to spend more than 125 euro's on it(witch is about 170 US dollars)

    Some info about my rc nowledge,
    I read this: The Complete Guide to RC Electronics

    The things i have:

    The motor:

    I had an IKEA electronic screw driver and took it apart for the motor (no specs, it just goes pretty fast).
    But what i know: its brushed , powerd by a 3.6 volt battery.
    If it doesnt work out right im gonna buy a new one, but i hav no idea what to get, there are so many choises.

    The battery:

    I have two 7.2 volt battery's,
    One is 1400 mAh and the second one is 2000 mAh (the 1400mAh is from the lego car and 2000 is a spare i bought seperatly).

    The things i need to get:
    (please give some feedback for the parts if there are better ones in my priserange)

    A BEC:
    (costs: 30-35 euro's)
    I found this BEC,
    its a Groupner Speed Profi 40R
    Graupner SPEED PROFI 40R BEC

    A Radio:
    (costs: 50 to 60 euro's)
    i wanted something pretty good so, Spektrum DX2E.
    but i wanted to know, is there a reciever in this package, becouse some sites say there is and others give no info about it

    A servo:
    (costs: 7 euro's)
    I thought its a pretty small car so a micro servo would probebly do.
    Its a Modelcraft micro-servo mc1811 (i couldn't find the sife from Modelcraft)
    Modelcraft Micro Servo MC1811 | Rapid Online

    That was it for now(dont expect build pics too soon couse i am still saving, but i am pretty exited for it)
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  2. Antho11

    Antho11 Studio Forums Elite

    Jun 21, 2013
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    Looking forward to the end result. Great job!

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