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Need help: change motor! Brushed to brushless. What do i have to know?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by MARCELO_P51D, Dec 16, 2018.


    MARCELO_P51D New Member

    Jun 9, 2012
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    Hi guys.
    Thanks a lot to be a part of this forum.

    I live in Brazil, have an Axial SCX10 Honcho, for me is the best rc that i have. Love this car.

    I made some modifications like proline shocks, MIP drive shafts, some Axial upgrades like heavy duty gears (diffs and gear box). Basically this is my truck.

    Well, after see the Rudeboyz TTC 2018 edition, i noticed that many cars are almot stock, in others words, they run with a minimum modifications. Just a very important parts change.

    So think about it and i returned to my car. Today i run with AE2 esc (waterproof), and a 50T Snowpanther brushed motor. But with many future plans to do, like run the Axial fest, TTC2019 and others locations, i decided to change my power unit. Now i need a brushless combo (esc / motor)! But i don't know how to select a brushless motor to my car because they are many motors with a diferent KV's.

    I have two brands in my mind: Holmes Hobbies and Team Tekin.

    Please guys i need some help to buy a correct combo to my use. I think something like 50/50 speed and torq. Or a little bit speed.

    So thanks to all guys here.

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  2. walter

    walter Studio Forums Elite

    Jan 8, 2013
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    contact Holmes Hobbies they can help you get the right parts
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  3. Y2daT

    Y2daT Over Powered RC

    Dec 25, 2013
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    holmes hobby are the heat.. a 35t brushed motor on 3s lipo is about a perfect speed and power balance on a close to stock weight scx10 ..

    so if its gonna get wet u need sensorless wp motor low kv ratring and esc it needs to be programabile so the start speed can be set above the gitters that happens when you ease on the throttle and you want a drag brake setting to auto engage the brakes when you let go of the throttle.

    holmes hobby has all this dialed in ..my honcho has holmes brushed only brxl esc and a 20v dewalt brushed drill motor.. i run 6s for funand its stoopid fast. ..that being said a 32p gearset is way better then the 48p that the honcho came with. use a derlin gear on the transmission.. my transmission input shaft is bent so the gear wobbles but hasnt failed .. that derlin gear is the weak link.. but it holds up to my abuse.. and the motor i used is huge i had to dremel the mount and have little to 0 motor adjustment.. so not an easy mod.
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