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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by thezombiedog, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Sep 23, 2011
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    Good day all, I am not new to the forum I have been on here almost as long as it has been up, but since I haven't posted in a long time I thought I would do a revival Introduction. First and foremost my name is Edward and I love the hobby that is RC.

    I have owned and played with RC's for as long as I can remember back to when I only had the little toy RC vehicles, like this one that would spin around and had two little wheels on top and 3 on the bottom fun times with that one. But later in life when I grew older I bought my first Model RC, a Redcat Volcano EPX which I still have and I am giving to my younger brother. I just recently got myself a new RC on black friday it is a Axial SCX10 Deadbolt. My first ever SCX10 and I have been waiting to get one for years but was never able to until now.

    I actually get that tomorrow, but alas my batteries won't be here until monday so I will have to wait to play with it. I want to record videos of RC's again and I had a camera coming supposedly but I found out that I was scammed and so that won't happen. It was to be a GoPro Hero 7 my first ever but the shop I bought it from their website just mysteriously dissapeared so now I am out money and no camera so I won't be able to get another one since I am unemployed. I actually setup a GoFundMe but I doubt that's going to help me at all, I guess I can post the link here but once you've been scammed people don't really intend to help you since they think it was your stupidity that did it.

    I would concur however, I contacted the GoPro official support and was assured that it was a legitimate reseller, turns out they didn't even know for certain. Well enough of my rambling here's the link anyhow.


    Well anyway's, I will still do some videos not FPV since I can't really mount my cellphone to my new RC but at least it'll be something.
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