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SCX10 Gen1 rigs for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds FOR SALE' started by Y2daT, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Y2daT

    Y2daT Over Powered RC

    Dec 25, 2013
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    I have 2 scx 10 trucks that are RTR and both have the steel gearsets long drive shaft pins and savoxwp servo and trucks are submarine mode ready. I did the Epoxy method f WP the rx in both trucks and filled the axles and transmissions with grease .. water runs do increase brush wear but the Rc4wd motors are only 10.00 ea
    one is a dingo painted hotpink with stock 1.9s and a matching FT3b trainsmitter (flashed to have 8ch capability) 27T axial motor and traxxs t5 esc.. the tx can hold 3S lipo but the batttery shutdown lim,it is 2S so a battery alarm would be needed... the led on the esc does not glow where it is supposed to but it always works .
    the 2nd SCX10 is a deadbolt sporting a Jeep Rubicon body and rc4wd Rims with the stock 1.9 tires and is 3S ready ,with a 35T RC4wd motor and has the axial tx.. ID like to get 220.00each or 400 for the pair.... no charger included but after i check the lipos i may have some 2S or 3S i can toss in.. IF some one says there ready to buy i gladly get current photos and storage charge the packs..

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