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Stiffen Traxxas Slash Suspension

Discussion in 'Newbie Q & A' started by TheRocketPropelledTurtle, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. TheRocketPropelledTurtle

    Jun 21, 2017
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    I Decided to stiffen up my Traxxas Slash 4x4's suspension since it would constantly slap the chassis on the smallest of jumps and rub the paint off the body in the process. I moved the shocks up one notch on the A-arms but that hardly made a difference, so I moved the shocks down one notch to the lowest position on the shock towers, still, hardly a difference. What I want to know is-should I keep on moving the shocks up the A-arms to try and make the suspension stiffer or should I just go and get a better set of springs since I know the Two Stage springs on the Slash are pretty crappy (first stage is "to soft" and the second stage is "to hard(?)"). I would like to maybe modify the body someday to carry spare parts and tools (So far I have broken a Half shaft, bearing, torn a tire, striped a wheel hex, and stripped a rim all in four days of usage. So, carrying spare parts seems like a good idea) and also maybe tow a trailer if I happen to wander across a large chunk of change. And two last things- has anybody ever towed stuff with a short course truck and does anybody on this forum have experience with Kintec Racing's boat trailers?
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  2. Thwmathue

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    As far as moving the shock mounting points the steeper they are in relation to the control arm the softer they are. If you want to stiffen the ride by moving the shock mounting point the closer to parallel to the control arm the better. The easiest way to get what you want is by adding preload clips

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