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Student Project- Please fill out a quick 1 minute survey!

Discussion in 'OFF Road Build Projects' started by RCmaniacc, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. RCmaniacc

    RCmaniacc New Member

    Feb 2, 2017
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    Hello everyone. I am a high school engineering student and I have begun a project relating to RC cars. I have been in the RC scene for several years, and myself own several trucks and buggies. My project is to design and develop a product that solves some sort of problem, in this case a problem for RC car owners. I would appreciate it if you guys could help me gather some info by filling out a very quick survey! The link is below!
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  2. WhiplashRC

    WhiplashRC Studio Forums Elite

    Jan 23, 2016
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    Your onto something. I've been looking for some way to transport my 1/10 scale crawler for sometime now. There's lots of options out there for on road cars and buggys. Filled out your survey! Good luck bud.

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  3. mudholestomper

    mudholestomper Studio Forums Elite

    Mar 24, 2015
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    I was more than happy to complete the survey because:

    1. I love it that you are using your love of RC as the foundation of a high school class project

    2. Just like WhiplashRC stated, and based on the questions posed in your survey, I have a genuine interest in my RC transportation conundrum

    I'm an avid outdoorsman and a card-carrying Texas pickup truck driver - as such, if you are an outdoorsy Texan, dirt inside your pickup truck isn't a big deal - so my interests aren't so much in keeping my truck clean, but it certainly wouldn't bother this single Dad with 2 boys to save some time and energy NOT having to deal with unnecessary dirt (trust me when I tell you that my boys can turn tiny outing into a mess of apocalyptic proportions)

    I bash with my boys (2 stampedes and an emaxx) and we don't run in mud or water, but just transporting 3 monster trucks, 8-12 lipos, spare parts, tools, 2-3 chargers, repair and maintenance supplies, etc is proper work for Dad

    I can't afford the absurd prices that proline/jconcepts want for their rolling cabinet style carriers (of which I'd need no less than 2, with additional bags needed for the 3rd truck and other stuff

    I've gone to eBay and purchased 3 cheap duffle bags that hold each truck with the wheels on, but I'm left carrying a 4th large duffle bag for the lipos and I usually pack a large backpack with all the other extras

    But yes, the bags come home full of dirt and dust and pebbles and yes, I'd love to not have to make so many trips to the vehicle/bash spot/in and out of the house for each trip out

    My boys help with the lugging of stuff, but unless I empty each bag outside and shake the dirt out before I get in the house, I end up doing a bunch of extra cleanup/vacuuming/etc when I unload all the trucks and gear

    I'm not sure what your goal/idea is with this project, but I'm curious as to where you're going with it

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