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Video Editor for Linux

Discussion in 'Editing Software' started by Magnat007, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Magnat007

    Magnat007 Proud SCX10 Owner

    Oct 4, 2011
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    For those of us that run a Linux Distro there is a pretty sweet Video editor called Openshot Video editor.
    Here is a Vid outlining what it can do (When done by a person who has little video editing skills)

    The Intro is supposed to look 3D.. and to a degree it does.. The exit creds are star-warsy..

    Test Video with Openshot Video Editor in Linux - YouTube

    Its fairly easy to use and if you use Blender with it the 3D effects are pretty cool !

    I have to admit for a freebie Video editor its pretty good..
    It has multiple options for editing HD movies.. works with pretty much any movie file from .avi to .mov..

    Rendering the 3d Graphics is best left to high end dual core or Quad core machines as they are pretty intensive.
    My poor 2.8Ghz Dual Core Celeron with 2GB of ram took just over 2 hours to render the Star wars graphics.. So if your short on time.. I suggest just using the Regular Title options..

    It is a little harder to use than Windows movie maker but not as intense as say Sony Vegas..
    Its Pretty much drag and drop and the later editions are able to upload straight to youtube after editing...

    So If you have a linux distro and are familiar with how to use the Terminal.. I highly recommend setting it up with Blender (Which took me 2 days to sort out lol) so you
    can enjoy the 3D effects that can be generated..

    More details after this storm passes !
    (Thunderstorm over my head right now)
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