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Vortex 250 Pro FAIL! | Drone Crashes Into Mountain

Discussion in 'FPV Films & Recordings' started by RcCrawlerKing, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Jun 9, 2011
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    Yet again my lucky drone defeats fate and survives this amazing freefall down a mountain into rocks with only a broken VTX antenna! It was an amazing day to fly. I looked outside and there was no wind, double checked the weather and found nothing but sunshine and calm sky's. I knew this was going to be the perfect day to fly a mountain I have been eyeing for a while. It was a long hike up especially with 30 pounds of drone gear on my back. Once I got part way up to the top I realized I wasn't going to be making it to the top before the sun went down so I hustled hard to the next big ledge and flew from there. I got in 5 batteries, doing multiple dives down the mountain, enjoying the view, and just enjoying flying. It was an amazing experience flying over the valley in the mountain. I was playing it safe and then I failsafed! Haha, went to far down the mountain and dropped below a rock ledge which blocked both my video and radio signal for a brief moment. As soon as I lost video I throttled up to pull out but my drone went into failsafe. It actually came back into range during it's fall as the section of bad reception was only a few meters long. I panicked though and forgot to bring my throttle value back down to zero before disarming and then re-arming. It was because of this that I turned a great day of flying into a great day of treasure hunting. However this wasn't ideal because the sun was setting and I had a long way down to get to where the drone was. Honestly if it wasn't for the really strong Lumineer battery straps that I put on my Vortex I probably would still be looking for this gem. Thanks to the battery not ejecting from impact I was able to hear the buzzer from the top of the mountain and knew I was going to be able to find it 100%. Once I arrived at the crash site I noticed the GoPro had ejected, which was very close my only a few feet away! There was a perfect row of 4 tree's that made a huge wall that stopped my drone from going any further down the mountain. Man how cool it must of looked to see it hit the ground in person though! I left that day with my tail between my legs but none the less plan on going back to this amazing spot and increasing my confidence in this type of environment. I plan to hike the valley next time as the hike would be much easier and the signal would be stronger too. My friend Mack actually went to this spot on a separate day from me by himself and completely treasured his Eachine Wizard in the same spot. He's been looking for it ever since but no luck.

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