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Which truck is right for you? (What Trail Truck/Scale Truck should I get thread).

Discussion in 'Newbe Help' started by fordguy8790, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. RCmechanic1969

    RCmechanic1969 New Member

    Jan 14, 2017
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    Ok. Thanks for the advice
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  2. Mark Liersch

    Mark Liersch Studio Forums Elite

    Dec 3, 2016
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    As to your concern of having a rig sitting on your workbench all the time, if you do regular maintenance, it should never really break down. My rigs get a going over right after the run. Check all the hardware, make sure nothing is loose, if you have a compressor, great...blow out EVERYTHING. If you run a lot of water or mud, pull the axles apart every couple of runs. Water will get in anywhere it can. If you totally submerge the truck on a regular basis, you should do that to your tranny too. Use a good grease in your axles, tranny , and your bearings. Just all regular maintenance. In 6 years, me and my buddy Dave (I build and maintain his truck as well as my rigs) have never had a failure on the trail. The fiddling is all part of the hobby, and if you hate the fiddling part of it, may I suggest knitting? Just kidding...the fiddling also helps you learn all about your truck...
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  3. ProRCrookie

    ProRCrookie Member

    Dec 4, 2017
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    I’m kind of on the fence between the trx4 and the scx10.2. I like everything the trx4 has like the 2speed transmission and the lockable diffs. the only thing i don’t care for are the bodies the trx4 comes with. I also like the TQ radio since my only rig is a slash. so that’s another plus. With all that in mind I would also like to try a trail rig kit that i can customize and a lot people seem to like the scx10.2. I’m a newbie to rc and apologize for the long post hopefully you guys can help with any other recommendations or input.

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