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Rc boating, fast electric Hydro.

This is the way a hydro should run on the water.
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Electric Pizza Box Flyer (RC) – Maiden Flight

This is the maiden flight of my newly modified Pizza Box Flyer. I have made some changes to the frame using steel rods for more strength and less flexability…

Castle Creations Electric Conversion HPI Baja #3

Video #3 on the Castle Creations Electric conversion. This video covers installing the back brace, and motor.

Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster Expert 540 Brushed Electric Motor

for my rc moa rock crawler
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Yellow Spurt Electric RC Boat Maiden Run

Finally here is the Maiden Drive of the Yellow Spurt, 1/14 Yellow Boat with 540 Brushed Motor. Here is short Maiden run drive. This one is bigger and faster …
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My Dynam F16 , 64mm Electric Ducted Fan , RC Jet ( raw flight vid )

Flying my Dynam F16 , 64mm Electric Ducted Fan , RC Jet. Its Nice and cold out ! The red baron makes a sneak attack at the end ,