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Parrot fish 1st catch with my RC fishing boat in the pacific ocean

The interceptor catches its first salt water fish in south east NSW Australia.
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RC Fishing Boats

RC Fishing Boats (base model) in action. More videos and pics will soon be available on our blog.

rc fishing boat

New “Radio Ranger” RC Fishing Boat-catches fish! There’s a new predator in the water! Total 32″ inches of fishing fun!, With the big twin motors this thing is fast too! Sleek h…
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RC Fishing boat

My rc fishing boat I use it to sail my bait out to sea between 100 to 300 yards.

Fish Fun Co Rc Fishing Boat

Fish Fun Co. Remote Control Boat Fishing is Fun and Functional. Rc Boat Fishing Catches Fish! Pull in Fish With The Rc Boat and Drive Your Line Out, Releases…