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Bell 430 RC Turbine Helicopter LX-MARC 1st Flight

Bell 430 RC Turbine Helicopter LX-MARC 1st Flight

My first flight with my new Bell 430 from Heli-Factory on a Flight Field near Lindlar in Germany. The Turbine is a JetCat PHT3-XL. The second movie shows the helicopter in full action. So please…

FPV RC Plane Flight And Landing Bixler in Snow

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RC Beaver DHC-2 from Dynam Preview Flight Movie from soft to Hard Flight by Flyfreak and Hebu-shop

by Rc Pilots around the World Movir Team Flyfreak and Rc Helijet 0r from rc helijet…

ClearView RC Flight Simulator

ClearView RC Flight Simulator

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Efflux RC..Maiden flight – our ALL ALLOY 90mm EDF, and HET L-39.wmv

This is the debut flight for our new 90mm ALL ALLOY edf, as well as the maiden flight for our HET L-39.
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E-Flite UMX Whipit Discus Launch Glider Maiden Flight

I was lucky enough to get hold of the New E-flite UMX Whipit for a test fly and i must say having never tried anything like this before it was a lot of fun. The Whipit was really easy to launch…
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