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Nice Afternoon Flight RC FPV 168 Long Range Drone

Had two pretty nice afternoon flights today. Both had smooth takeoffs and landings with no problems. I mounted the camera on top today as opposed to inverted…
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First RC FPV Flight with GOPRO Hero II attached to 611M

created with Openshot on Arch Linux First quick afternoon FPV flight with Gopro Hero II attached to Skywalker (No Pan/tilt on Gopro) recording OSD cam to a u…
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New RC Tech 6 CH Flight Simulator (P-51)

ReadyMade RC Penguin FPV Flight To My Friends House.

ReadyMade RC Penguin FPV Flight To My Friends House.

Flown a little over 2 miles over the hills.
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F450 quad RC heli FPV goal and return flight, 8600 feet distance, Laguna Niguel, Calif

DJI F450 quad RC helicopter RC FPV flight recorded via GoPro Hero3 . NAZA controller + GPS, Foxtech 5.8 GHz video, Sony FPV camera, ReadymadeRC 10″ LCD FPV d…

Penguin 2 RC – FPV Flight

RC Airplane – Penguin FPV Video TX/RX – 1.3 ghz with Mad Mushrrom Antenna/ 1.3 Reciever with Pepperbox Video is recorded via DVR 1000 so quality wasn’t that …
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