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HY-J3 TriCopter with CC3D Outdoor Flight testing

Finally I found time to fly the HY-J3 TriCopter Outdoors. Setting up the CC3D took me a long time due to the fact that the cable from CC3D to Rx was Faulty and I thought it was setup problem….

RC Plane Flight

RC Plane Flight and crash landing Flying over Vancouver Island.
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EFC720 – Test Flight Two, UMX Sports Cub

Second succesfull flight of my Cub, this time with the Camera mounted upright on the belly of the plane, directly below the fuselage at the wing’s height, ke…

RFTC: NEXT RC Flight Simulator Includes Two-Operator Aerial Cinema Multirotor at AMA Expo 2015

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew catches up with Robert Rodriguez and Tony Wilson from the Society Of Aerial Cinematography (SOAC) to learn about the NEXT RC flight simulator….
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Walkera Mini CP Maiden Flight Review by AliShanMao

Weather is bad and smoggy but who can wait when you have this super awesome new Walkera Mini CP Helicopter. We always conduct first tests at our RC Field but we decided to fly it right outside…
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NightHawk DM007 Spy Drone Quadcopter Handling, Flight, Flips, Rolls, Battery, Remote Controller

The NightHawk Quadcopter from Amazon & E-Bay. Your understandable English photo manual, will have been sent to you when you ordered. Check your junk mail folder, or your order messages to …
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