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Hyperion Sniper Maiden Flight

Maiden Flight of my Hyperion Sniper RC Airplane. AKA Super Zoom. Set on low rates.
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RC Flying Truck – “Hat Cam” Flight

Took the Flying Truck out for a flight in the wind. It was actually able to handle some pretty decent wind gusts, and would just sort of float in one place a…

Nitroplanes Aerosky RC SBach Grand Junction Co. Cockpit Snow Flight

Just a jaunt around to see how the new camera works..

ALIGN M480 multicopter flight test 2

The exciting news about Align New Multicopter. Share our test flight video Part 2 with you, some notable features are mentioned here, enjoy it!!
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Beginner RC Plane: E-Flite Apprentice Flight Review

This is the best RC plane trainer I’ve found! This is the E-Flite Apprentice S! Take a look at the Complete review where I go around the plane and tell you e…
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Pilot-RC Jet 3nd prototype flight

this is the sport version. not the trainer version. will get the trainer version flight video soon.
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