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Flite Test – Cloverleaf Antenna – FLITE TIP

Flite Test - Cloverleaf Antenna - FLITE TIP

The Cloverleaf Antenna is a Circular Polarized Antenna designed to be a great option for transmitting your FPV video signal. This Flite Tip explains the correct setup that you need for the…

Flite Test | Flying Sleds

Peter and Josh are challenged to a Flying Sled Build Off! Do you think they pull it off? Leave any challenge ideas you guys have for us in the comments! Check out the Article for more on this…

Flite Test | Tough Tilt Tricopter Build

Flite Test | Tough Tilt Tricopter Build

Our new Tough Tilt is on the store and ready for action! Today, Josh and Eric show you how to assemble our Electrohub Tricopter setup using the new Tough Tilt! Tough Tilt Review: http://flitetest…

Flite Test | Dromida Ominus

Looking for a durable starter quad? Dromida has you covered with the super cheap Ominus. More details on the Ominus here: Get a free audiobook from Audible!

Flite Test – Micro Warbird Faceoff – REVIEW

It’s like being in a teeny-tiny war! Or the war is regular size and you’re a giant! Check out Audible for a free audiobook download!: Spitfire Mk IX: http://www.h…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Flite Test – TBS Showcase

We check out two brand new multirotors created by the brains at Team Black Sheep. Subscribe for more great aviation content! Check out our TBS Discovery revi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5