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Crazy Aerobatic rc flying at MonsterPlanes 2012

At Lakeland Florida’s Monster Planes 2012…17 yr old showing his aerobatic skills with very strong winds from hurricane sandy.
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RC “3D” Flying Demo (Simon Potter): RAFA SHOREHAM AIRSHOW 2014

Short vid dedicated to Si’s amazing 3D flying skills demonstrated at the Shoreham Full size Airshow in front of a 20000 strong crowd.
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DJI F 550 flying around in Cibubur Aeromodelling Club

I am flying around the DJI F550 in our local rc club until the GenAce 5500mah 3 cell battery voltages drop to its last breathe.
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“Gentle Lady” RC Glider Maiden flight Slope Flying

Maiden flight of my Carl Goldberg “Gentle Lady” RC Glider. This is a classic model from the early 1960’s and is truly an amazing and beautiful glider that lo…
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Turbine Jet 800 Helicopter (100,000 RPM) Test Flying at the park !

This is a 35 lbs RC turbine helicopter that was flying at the field today. Blades were 800-size and the turbine was spinning at 100k RPM reaching temperature…
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Flying School Bus Made from AirHogs Parts

We have detailed information and an active Forum on our website homepage: Please drop in and see what others are saying about this! . .
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