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RC Speedboat from Hawkin’s Bazaar

Available at: Take to the water with this nippy little speed boat that reaches cruising speeds of up to 15mph…
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RC airplane made from mostly garbage

Everything not electronic was a sole product of my imagination. The airfoil is my own design also with a shape calculated from NASA’s Foilsim program. The bo…
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Dynam RC P-51D Mustang ARF from

Video of a Dynam RC P-51D Mustang electric model aircraft used in the review of same at, the e-zine of

RC Fallschirmspringer (Skydiver) BAZI – RC PARACHUTE – EXIT FROM A Multirotor

RC SKYDIVER – BAZI Flugwerft Edelweiss RC Fallschirmspringer (Skydiver) BAZI INFO: Damit immer exakt bei 150m Ausgangshöhe …
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Giant RC Turbine Jet Avanti S from Sebart , Aerobatics Music Flight , JetPower Messe 2014 *HD*

More RC Movies from The JetPower 2014 in Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler see your Playlist from my Channel:…
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hitechredneck1974 Flying an Extra 300 profile plane designed by Dave Powers from rcsuperpowers

Profile Foam plane from a design I got from rcsuperpowers made of FFF, running a brushless electric and lipo batteries. Built from scratch basically from the…
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