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GoPro HD RC C-17 Parachute Drop

Imagine you were on top of a C-17 during an airdrop.

Venom King of Shaves RC Boat with a GoPro HD on board camera

This is my Venom King of Shaves 58″ Gas RC boat with a GoPro HD on board video camera on Lake Havasu. I flip the boat at the end.
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Traxxas Spartan on Trailer with GoPro being pulled by Traxxas Summit

Did some more work to my boat trailer and it was a great day to go out on the lake with the boat. So had to get some good videos running. spartan walks a lil…

SC10 GoPro Bashing

Sorry about the noise Running 2cell Genace Lipo with Sidewinder SCT system.
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Traxxas Rustler SV3 onboard GoPro with MaxAmps 3s lipo

Trying out my new GoPro Hero 3+ on my Traxxas Rustler while using a wicked fast MaxAmps 3S Lipo 150c. Had a few bad crashes with the GoPro onboard — good ne…

Slash 4×4 Ice Racing With Gopro HD Hero

After watching the guys race thier dirtbikes on the ice I slipped my my slash 4×4 onto the ice with my Gopro HD Hero. Facebook Thedknuckles Rc Videos Stop by…
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