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“CrawlerTedsGarage” Aquacraft Kings Ransom Pirate Ship – COOL!

The RCSparks Studio is Always on the lookout to support and promote some very cool RC Youtube channels.. and I have found another one! The Canadian Crawler King himself (TED) has been busy at work with his video camera. His Youtube channel is simply “CrawlerTedsGarage” A quick glance at his Youtube channel.. you can see that his experience in RC is not just limited to climbing insane boulders.. but branches out into all areas of our fantastic hobby. In the above video, his filming bud “J.D” is a fellow RC enthusiast as well. In fact a J.D is a champion rock crawler in the Canadian Sportsman class winner, 2011. Thanks for sharing this cool video with us guys! I encourage everyone to subscribe to Ted’s channel for upcoming fun!

NiTRO LOVE – RC Monster Trucks, Buggies, Truggies, & MORE! PT1

Well, as the Spring / Summer is now upon us.. we are all privileged to see the NiTRO’s come alive! The Blackfoot / Wild Rose RC track is always PACKED with cool cars and amazing trucks. In this video I was able to capture some FANTASTIC BASHING and Freestyle, open course racing. The drivers didn’t let me down even for a moment! It was SPEEDY high Flying action and I am glad I grabbed my camera! So, without a further ado.. I hope you Enjoy this video.. and it inspires you to get out, and HAVE SOME FUN!

Here is a Link to the discussion forum!

Awww! A Young RC ADDiCT Showing his SUPPORT!

AWWW .. Give this young fella a LIKE CLiCK on HiS Youtube Video Please..

He is so proud..!

…and So am I :~) So Super Cool!

RC4WD TF2 – “Top Gear Toyota Hilux” build…

The RC4WD Trail Finder 2 has been a great Model for my build series. Im doing my best to Mimic the UK’s version of the Top Gear Hilux Truck.. and Wow.. Im simply STOKED! Im leaving everything on the chassis STOCK. I have only modified the Plastic Pieces of the BODY to make it look beaten up, aged, and making it look as though its been through HELL AND BACK! In this video I show how I detail some of my rust areas.. and continue to make the truck as realistic looking as possible. This tutorial series is a longer format – showing where BUILDING AN RC can be full of creative style, imagination and best of all.. FUN! Here is the Forum Discussion thread if you would like to see more: RC4WD TF2 TOP GEAR HILUX BUILD THREAD

RC Hard Shell Painting Tutorial – PT 1- How-to Paint & Rust Hole Modification

I have never attempted a paint tutorial in this DEPTH before, and I have been asked several times to produce this type of video. While working on the RC4WD Trail Finder 2, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to sit and attempt it for all the RC Hobbyests that need some help or direction in painting their RC Hard Shell moulds! Some of these techniques are usable with lexan bodies and others as well!


RC4WD Trail Finder 2 – 4X4 Toyota Hilux “Mojave” Truck – Build Video 2

In this video I start to assemble the electronics of my RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Trail Truck. This ULTRA Realistic rig is a real treat to work on, and to show off to the Radio Control Enthusiasts here on RCSPARKS!

I used:

Hitec HS-646WP High Torque Servos161oz @ 7.4v

Tekin 35t Brushed Motor & FXR Crawler System