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Our RC ADVENTURES Video series has Reached 40,000,000 Viewers!

Incredible News! Today the RCSparks Studio celebrates reaching more than 40 Million viewers. It is almost difficult to comprehend so many smiling faces, and how many people may have discovered such and amazing hobby by watching my videos. A special thank you to the companies I have worked with throughout the years to make this show possible for everyone – and above all.. THANK YOU to the viewers.. who I hope has had many creative and imaginative ideas come from watching RC ADVENTURES! Thank you 🙂

RCSparks Studio Special – SKATE PARK PAiN 4 “DiRT iS FOR WiMPS” 2012

You will want to Click on the TITLE of this post if your reading it in the Font Page or Blog area. This is a full page read, and includes some AMAZiNG Bashing Videos of Concrete RC Pain! 🙂

Today I had the pleasure of releasing the RCSparks Studio’s independent film series “Skate Park Pain 4 – DiRT is FOR WiMPS” to Youtube and the world. The “Skate Park Pain” series is an ongoing event that has evolved from being a Small Bash session at a local Skate Park.. to now a 3 Year Tradition, growing both in popularity and attendance with each passing event. I have had the honour of seeing many RC enthusiasts RISK IT ALL for the pleasures of the online RC community and viewers of RC ADVENTURES. We are now seeing AMAZING rigs and highly tuned machines purpose built for Speed, Agility and of course.. BIG AIR.


RCSparks is Coming to California, USA! June 25th – July 4th & attending YouTube 2012 VIDCON!

The time is about to draw VERY NEAR, to when JEM and Myself will be flying off down the west coast into ANAHEIM, California to attend and participate at the 2012 YOUTUBE Vidcon! We will be attending all Days of the convention meeting with Viewers, RC ADDiCTS, Youtube Power Producers, and SO MUCH MORE! Representing the Hobby, and my Network of RC Channels and RCSPARKS, I will be creating a video log while We are there.. Uploading it as we go! Youtube will also be streaming the EVENT LiVE.. so you wont miss any of the action! While in California.. We may even travel around to the Hobbyshops to say Hello to Everyone! Looking forward to this Event.. its going to be a BLAST! Ill do all the RC ADDiCTS Proud :~)

RAiN of TRiUMPH, ART of the SLOW CRAWL / Awarded By the Viewers!

You know, Im always trying to promote “Looking outside the Proverbial Box”.Discover new ways of Promoting your hobby through Film.. This is JUST the beginning of what we can do. Lol… I know, I know. Its a Toy. But to some folks it represents Freedom, Creativity, Family time, Good times with friend.. and a way to Escape the “everyday”. A VERY PROUD Moment for me.. and an award for my Studio. Working with a Song from artist Tim McMorris called “Translation”, I was able to craft “The essence of Slow Crawling”…



Oh my friends, I love to create RC Film. Im a complete Nerd when it comes to creativity in film.. and I just simply let my senses lead the way. In this film, i put the back Box onto my Toyota Hilux. I attached the box with 8 Powerful magnates. It allows me to completely remove the body pins, and create an ULTRA Scale Look of a beat-up old truck. What a lot of fun RC Can be! Imagination is your only limitation when you have found a hobby you love! I hope this short, epic trek across a strange land leaves you wanting to get outside to have some fun! See ya on the trails :~)

How Did YOU Discover the RCSparks Studio? Share Your Story!

When I started the RCSparks Studio forums in 2011.. never did I know how amazing they were going to be, just a short time later! RC ADDiCTS from ALL OVER the WORLD have been visiting us – and sharing their own RC excitement! One of the threads I started here in the “early days” was titled “How did YOU Discover RCSparks?.

Well, can you believe that almost 200 people have shared their story about how they came to this site! I think that is fantastic!

Here is a Link! “How Did YOU Discover the RCSparks Studio?”