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Vic Smeed Mamselle rc Maiden Flight 1

This is my Mamselle converted to electric RC, on maiden flight. 37″ wingspan, 345 grams ready to fly, 100w brushless motor with 750 Rino lipo 2 cell.
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The Switch RC Plane Review and Maiden Flight

You’re probably attracted to R/C flying for the chance to perform dramatic maneuvers with a realistic low-wing model. But first, you have to master the funda…

SkyFighter v3 Speed Challenge Plane Build Completion and Maiden Flight

rcFoamFighters Blog: RCFF New York Connection (Gregg) Fastest Foam Plane Challen…
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My SimpleStick Airplane Design – Maiden Flight

Build Log complete with design phase : This is where it all started :…
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RC Plane Maiden Flight

AXN Clouds Fly Floater Jet Turnigy 9X Both my and the plane’s first time.

4Ch Micro Cessna Maiden Flight

4Ch Micro Cessna Maiden Flight

This is Maiden flight video of easy sky 4 Channel Mirco Cessna RC Plane. This is a great little bird that truly makes a fun Park Flye…