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How to Build an RC Airplane From A DIY Fiberglass Mould Part 1 of 9

Since my intitial post, I have received a number of requests for additional video providing details regarding my selection of appropriate methods and materials in the construction of this fiberglas…
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Grand Theft Auto 5 Lets Play “Hunting The O’Neill Brothers” (Part 44)

Grand Theft Auto 5 Lets Play

Today im bring you guys episode 44 on my grand theft auto 5 lets play! In this episode the boys help trevor get rid of the o’neill brothers! If You Enjoyed The Video Don’t Forget To Hit That…
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rc malaysia sabah Navy Maiden 20090605 Part 1

rc malaysia sabah Navy Maiden 20090605 Part 1 “upacara pecah dara” “penerbangan sulung” “pelayaran sulung”
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MINECRAFT – Tutorial – Part 1

So I finally decided to pick up Minecraft. I bought it for the Xbox One. I have never touched this game before in my life. So since I thought it may be inter…
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Tamiya TT02 Carrera RSR Kit Build Part 9 – UrbanRcLA

Tamiya TT02 Carrera RSR Kit Build Part 9 - UrbanRcLA

Hey Please Check out my Facebook @ ​​ OK we are officially at the end of the Tamiya TT02 Carrera RSR kit build. I have had…
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RC ADVENTURES – Learning to Drift: Part 18 – Excavator Drifting – HPi e10 – Vaughn Gittin Jr

I wanted to make my challenges progressively harder, so I broke out the heavy construction equipment so I could practice my drifting. After sweeping the floor, I hauled out two RC4WD 4200xl Excavators (30lbs each), My 6×6 Franken-Hauler (for illumination purposes), and a great Tonka Dump Truck I had made for me by JRPRC (Judd Phillips). I wanted to see how my drifting skills have improved over me not doing it for a year. Heh, you read that right. I took a year off from drifting, and then picked up this HPi e10 Drift car from my local hobby store PM Hobby Craft. Everything on the drift car is bone stock, except for the battery. i switched it to t a2s lipo. I am even using the stock controller (and though it looks and feels pretty cheap), works fantastic! Im happy for what i got.. I have read some mixed reviews – and my experience has been a good one. I will continue to drift with this car, and it may convince me to get another.. who knows. Heh. I know lot’s of people have questions about this car – so here is a few words from the HPI website: